How to download music legally

If you are a music fan, you will know that insurance is a legal and ethical battle for years, which is called piracy and downloading copyrighted music. If you want your conscience and download music completely legal, you should know that there are many alternatives. Downloading music legally is a very noble act that harms no one.

The Internet has made simple free download virtually any song you want. However, the problem is that free music is not always legal. If you are an honest person and want to pay for music to support the artists, labels and distributors, illegal downloading is simply not an option. We know that some people have a strict moral in regard to media consumption habits, so you now have at your disposal this list of the best places to download free and completely legal.

However, before you should consider that there are hundreds of ways to listen to music free and legally without having to download it to your computer. If you hear in a place that has an Internet connection, we suggest reviewing some top streaming services that offer virtually any song you want. In most cases, download songs and stored is no longer necessary. In fact, the only situation where you need to download is often when you hear music in places where the connection is slow, not very good or nonexistent.

Moreover, most of free and legal music that you find is not very common to be well-known artists. If you are looking for free music not expect to find the most popular songs of your favorite artists. If you look in the right places, you’ll probably find some hits, but most are independent artists who are not well known. This does not mean it is not good music, just not popular.

Therefore, if anyway you should download music, you want to do it without paying a dime or breaking the law, and have no problems if many popular artists missing, read on.

Free Music Archive

In 2009, the community of independent radio station in New Jersey, called WFMU, embarked on a project to make contemporary music of all genres is available to the public; Free Music Archive was born. Since its appearance, WFMU has partnered with hundreds of individuals, which has made it a real treasure trove of free content. The site combines two different approaches to publishing tracks. The first indexes free music posted by its partners and the second allows users to publish their own music directly in the site’s files. This synthesis of sources provides an amazing and huge library of tracks that can literally take months to explore.



Noisetrade is partly a site of free music and partly a platform to promote artists. You can get tracks and albums from independent artists if you provide them your email address. So basically if you allow them to send you promotional material by mail will give you free songs. The site also asks you nicely to run the word about artists that you like by publications on social networks like Facebook or Twitter. The user interface is clean, simple and attractive, which makes it a pleasure to browse the site.


Not surprisingly, the Internet Walmart has a massive container free mp3s. At the time of this writing, Amazon has exactly 56,011 free tracks available, and the number may increase over time. The good thing about the free list of Amazon is that you can easily browse by genre, and even tells you how many free tracks are in each category. The only thing is cumbersome to navigate to the relevant section within the site. To get the free stuff you can click here or go to MP3 Music> Music by Price> Songs> Free.


With nearly 400,000 tracks from over 40,000 artists, is easily one of the largest repositories of free music on the web. You will not find all your favorite artists here, but the user interface of the site makes it great to navigate and find new talent. Instead of searching by genre, you can explore tracks by popularity, most downloaded, most played or most recent. The popularity is based on user ratings, so even though the site has many issues, do not have to waste so much time searching before you find something that is pleasing to your ears.


If you are looking for free downloads of your favorite artists try looking for them on Facebook. Often artists get access to some free present only to put you like their page. For each artist it is different, but you may be surprised by how many artists rise free links to their accounts. The only problem is that after you put “Like” your page, all publications will appear in your news feed, which may annoy some users. To remedy this and to prevent flooding of your Facebook posts about shows I can not attend, just make adjustments to your setup to conceal this kind of message.


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