Domestic Drones for less than 500 euros

The drones caught the attention of the public a few years ago for their controversial military uses in areas such as Pakistan and Afghanistan. But these drones are more constructive applications in fields such as images zenith recordings for films, reports, disaster detection, fire or stolen mountain. They are also used in urban parcel or mail delivery, and even in the simple leisure. Since 2012 some brands have dared to launch the first commercial proposals, which have progressively been getting affordable to users. Until drones are models that cost less than 500 euros and incorporating various functions, along with a video camera, and can be managed from a smartphone or tablet. The most prominent are explained below.

Drones and drones: differences

The field of drones is actually very old, although the emergence of new technologies in telecommunications has given new impetus to previously unthinkable applications. Specifically, between a drone and drone handled in the fields of aviation, median few essential differences. Both are propelled with energy, although the first gas and the second uses a voltaic battery, and have a short range in air that rarely exceeds 20 minutes.

Furthermore, the level of monitoring of the remote control a few hundred meters away is limited. Meanwhile, the drone can be operated several kilometers in some cases, although in the domestic models, which use a wifi signal to be monitored, the range is no more than a few hundred meters.

However, while in the most remote complexity is in the motor that spins the propeller, drones depend on a number of height and gravity sensors to position and move in space coordinates: a gyroscope, an accelerometer or a sensor wifi signal for position commands and recording videos or sending images in real time.

Top models

The first model was intended to market in a more or less domestic market was the plane Swinglet CAM. It is equipped with a 16 megapixel camera for taking pictures in height, but no video, which gives an idea of its destination, is more than mapping, agricultural and height location of objects, animals or persons tasks. On the other hand, is the only domestic models plane shape, although it will also powered by a rear propeller.

The Swinglet Cam can reach a maximum speed of 36 kilometers per hour (10 meters per second) and has autonomy of 30 minutes. Also you can get away from the control center to two kilometers. However, it can not be operated from a smartphone, but you need at least a computer laptop to guide. On the other hand, you can recreate the areas of the images captured in 3D thanks to the very “postflighted Terra” technology. Its price is not suitable for use only as entertainment: 7,000 euros.

Domestic Drones 1

The most popular model is barely over, however, the 300 euros. It is the AR Drone 2.0, which replaces an earlier version of the same model. This copter (four propeller helicopter) incorporates a lithium battery for a range of about 20 minutes, between 12 and 15 in practice-and multiple sensors. It has two video cameras: a front that records high-quality images (780p) and a lower definition recording in zenith position. Both broadcast in real time to a mobile phone or a tablet, the images that pass through their lenses.

The device, which can be used with or without a cover for outdoor falls, is lined with expanded polystyrene and covered with a plastic alloy, is also used in car bumpers, so that its resistance is reinforced in case of falls, may be frequent if its use is not fluent.

Once turned on, in our smartphone appears the wifi signal created by the appliance. Then you can use a graphical environment as console commands on a touch screen or use the accelerometer of the phone or tablet. If contact with the drone was lost, it has a self-stabilizing system that lets stop in the air and down in a slow down. Its vertical extent is, in theory, a hundred yards, but its control is very dependent on wind conditions, as it is very light. Its price is around the 325 euros to the trade.

The Phantom FC40 represents the commitment of the company specializing in drones DJI for the most affordable domestic market, as its recommended cost is 485 euros. This copter with position sensors is handled by a wifi signal on the phone, computer or tablet.

Incorporates a camcorder HD video (680P and 30 frames per second) that can acquire almost all the possible positions, so that records from all angles: You can do it up or overhead shot, also from front or back and turns on itself 360 degrees, so their appropriate uses are filming live sporting or social events from a high angle. The smartphone or tablet-works with both Android and iOS are real-time images that can show live, if techniques are used P2P streaming.

Walkera QR X 350 Pro is listed as a proposal of copter, managed by a physical device of command, whose main value is the possibility of incorporating the GoPro Hero 3 camera, intended for situations and extreme sports. Amount without the camera is about 400 euros, and comes up with this included up to 900 euros, but also accepts some cheaper models.


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