Doctor’s Appointment Across the Country Now Available Online

With the vision to help people get to the right doctor just when they need,, a new online website and call center based service has started their journey officially. Through an announcement made in a grand launching event, the service was launched in presence of reputed doctors from around the country and some prominent personalities in the area of health, ICT and startups. As chief guest Mr. Shameem Ahsan, President of BASIS and as special guest Professor Dr. M. A. Rouf Sardar, Vice President of Bangladesh Medical Association was present. started its operation in limited scale one year back and has already served more than two thousand patients countrywide. The service now hosts more than few thousand doctors practicing in almost two hundred hospitals across the country. Recently to expand it’s activity has signed a contract with BD Venture Ltd., a private equity venture capital farm.

The Managing Director of the company, Mohammad Abdul Matin Emon in his address in the ceremony told, “Though Bangladesh has made significant progresses in various walks of life for people through technology, heath care is yet to progress a lot. In today’s Bangladesh seeing a proper doctor is culturally not encouraged at many corners of the country. Added to that lack of knowledge about and accessibility to specialized doctors make the situation worse. is committed to make people of Bangladesh more aware about the health care attention issues and will guide them to right direction for approaching treatment.” is a free service for medical help seekers. People can now avoid all the hassle of standing in long queues, or calling doctor’s assistants again and again. More importantly they can now reach their desired doctor at their comfortable time. They also have the freedom to choose from a vast doctor database and approach a specialist near their home.

Anyone can book appointment with their desired doctor by calling Doctorola hotline 09-606-707-808 (08am-10pm)or by visiting the website anytime.


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