Different ways to enjoy Internet on the TV

The TV has become an appliance slowly, offers more entertainment options. At present, and as detailed from Consumer, users have several options for accessing the Internet through the television set.

HDMI Cable

The easiest way to connect a TV to the Internet is to use the user’s computer and a single HDMI cable, as this is the standard connection type incorporating all TVs sold in recent years. However, it is necessary that the laptop or a desktop computer user has this type of output audio and digital video. Then the computer and TV are connected by cable and the image goes from first to second instantly.

An alternative that may be more comfortable, but it involves some expense, is to use a tablet or a phone with HDMI output. Many of the terminals with medium and high end Android have this type of output. For products from Apple are third-party adapters for HDMI audio output from video and Mini DisplayPort. You can also connect the iPad tablet or phone iPhone to a TV with HDMI input using a digital video adapter, both devices incorporating the new connector lightning and from the old 30-pin.

This method is intended for occasional use of the Internet on the TV or as a way to share a screen. A more common use implies that device exclusively devote to the task. So the solution is to buy a media center or media player with an Internet connection that allows access to certain content. These devices typically use the HDMI connection to transmit digital audio and video.


An HTPC (Home Theater Personal Computer) is a computer connected to a TV for use in the classroom. They have the advantage of taking up less space than a desktop computer, consume less energy and have a greater number of connectors, such as DVI or HDMI outputs. One of the main drawbacks of Smart TV is that each manufacturer has created its own closed system of services and applications.

The problem they have is that they are devices called “Baredone”, who often come complete. That is, the user must then acquire the memory and hard drive separately and configure your software to include a media management application that interests you, such as XBMC or MythTV. A device of this product line is the computer Asus S1, based on the Intel Atom processor and includes a DVD player-recorder, a USB 3.0 port and Conetica wifi, Ethernet and Bluetooth among other items. The estimated price is 230 euros.

Smart TV

Commercially used the name Smart TV to name TVs that let you play content available on third-party platforms, install applications or surfing the Internet. The models of medium and high end of the major TV manufacturers include three years this functionality. Now, one of the drawbacks of the main Smart TV is that each manufacturer has created its own closed system of services and applications.

Internet on the TV

Apple TV

There are also media centers that let you convert a TV Smart TV. The basic model is the media center Apple TV. This device has some services to access streaming video platforms like YouTube or Vimeo, but enables full Internet browsing. To this end it is necessary to have a portable Apple device and play the content on your computer or tablet by streaming WiDi technology (call Apple AirPlay). Apple TV has a cost of 112 euros.

Another alternative is to use similar systems based on the Android operating system. These devices allow you to install applications within Google Play Store and browse the internet freely.

Google TV

Google has since 2010 with the platform Google TV, Smart TV and bet based on Android and the browser Google Chrome. However, the first devices appeared on the market have not been as successful as expected.

In 2013, some manufacturers like LG made a serious commitment to integrate Google TV in some of its models, like other manufacturers, such as Asus with the media center appliance, a device that has so far not been successful in the market. Another device is the Android-based Energy Smart Android TV Box. Its price is 94.90 euros.

Certain recorders hard discs feature access to the Network Operator Customers Ono service served Tivo. This device is a decoder with hard disk capable of recording 300 hours and three channels simultaneously. It also offers third-party applications to access certain Internet services such as video streaming platforms or news. This service costs five euros.

Consoles with Internet access

Video game consoles also offer services that allow access to different online platforms and have a browser to access the Web.

• The console Nintendo Wii U incorporates a browser (just like the previous version of Nintendo Wii) called “Internet Channel”. The browser has HTML 5 support, which lets you enjoy the latest advances in developing dynamic web pages and multimedia without external applications.

• The Xbox 360 is the Xbox LIVE online service, which allows access to Facebook chat and Twitter. Since last October, this console includes the Internet Explorer browser, but is only available to members of Xbox LIVE Gold category.

• Meanwhile, the PlayStation 3 has a web browser to access the Internet freely from TV and offers the Sony Entertainment Network online service, with access to movies, music, TV and games.


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