Did you notice Google search page improved?

Suddenly if you see Google search result is showing in different strong font style without underline then please don’t think it’s your pc’s problem. Actually from last few months Google is updating their Search result page worldwide and this month they successfully implemented. So if you see the search result carefully you can notice Google search page improved. You can see first page’s most upper ads are also showing as like other regular or organic search result.

Now it’s successfully updated and showing in all users PC of worldwide. Initially this style tested for only mobile user and then finally for Desktop users.


Actually this changes done focusing to Google AdWords program. Now you can’t easily recognize which search result originated from Google Ad and which one is coming from natural searching. Though an orange color ‘Ad’ text you will notice besides the ad.

Through Google AdWords program you can provide paid advertisement in Google. It will increase your product’s brand image or increase your sales. Different site owners also using this program heavily for increase their site’s organic visitor.

What ever they update we will always love Google search engine and a day we can’t think without it. Best of luck Google.



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