The device bq Aquaris E4.5 could be described as more than acceptable

The Spanish company bq has now released its new range of smartphones Aquaris E consists of four devices whose main difference is the size of its screen. In this particular article we analyze the mobile bq Aquaris E 4.5, which, as its name suggests, this is the device whose screen is 4.5 inches. But that is not the only feature that has caught our attention. Its design and its unbeatable price (150 euros) are some of the most important features of this new terminal. Here we review thoroughly all its technical specifications.

bq-aquaris-E4.5-reviewThe design is the flagship property for the Spanish company bq. The new Aquaris E4.5 is available in two models, one in black color, and one that combines front and back in black on white. Offering the device in neutral colors, bq to propose a device adapted to different tastes, but elegant at the same time. The black color will be reserved for the most classic and combining the black, for those looking for a more original design and white.

The front of the phone is basically composed of the screen that will be surrounded by a small edge in black protective cushion allowing bumps and preventing glass damage. The buttons are tactile and light up when the device is unlocked. The rear, in black or white, is plastic and resin, so it is quite resistant to shocks while maintaining a nice textured feel.

The screen of this new terminal is what differentiates this device from the rest of the range that make Aquaris E of bq. This particular model has a screen of 4.5 inch s that is protected by a glass Dragon-trail that preserves from scratches and bumps. In addition, the display incorporates the IPS technology that allows better see the colors and shapes that appear sharper.

But most importantly, this technology allows you to see the screen perfectly from different viewing angles, reaching up to 178 degrees. The energy consumption of the IPS technology will not be a problem since this device also offers the OGS bonding technique, getting a better view with efficient energy expenditure. Thus, the display has a qHD resolution of 540 x 960 pixels (240 ppi). Finally, the device of Aquaris E4.5 is quite comfortable. It weighs 123 grams and has a width of 9 mm, which makes it thin and light without actually seem fragile.

The power of Aquaris E4.5 of bq is normal in this type of device with these dimensions. It features a quad-core Cortex A7 Quad Core running at a speed of 1.3 Ghz. As for memory, it has 1GB of RAM. All these features make this device malfunction, but just be a little if we want to run multiple applications simultaneously. It also has a Mali 400 graphics processor that runs at 500 Mhz.

In terms of internal memory, 8GB is that while not much is expandable through a microSD card slot up to 32 GB, allowing more than enough storage for files that can be stored on a mobile device, basically, pictures and videos.

The new Aquaris E4.5 has two cameras, a principal in the rear and one front. The main camera has 8 megapixels and is accompanied by a system of auto focus and LED flashes two (dual flash) that allow properly illuminate a picture in low light conditions without blur or fuzzy. Also be possible with this camera record video in 1080p FULLHD.

Meanwhile, the front camera is 5MP, which is more than enough to make video calls to an acceptable quality. Finally, bq intended to equate the qualities of the new cameras Aquaris E4.5 other top models incorporating type lenses Largan.

With its multimedia features are concerned, the new Aquaris E4.5 is compatible with a wide range of formats. On the other hand, it has radio, microphone and an embedded canceller; noise in the back which absorbs ambient sound to make the tone of voice is heard clearest and without background noise. However, the most surprising is the inclusion of Dolby sound technology that provides surround sound for its speakers, located at the bottom of the device.

The new Aquaris E4.5 of bq is a device Android so integrates the operating system of Google in its latest update (4.4 KitKat). This implies that, with this addition, we are able to access the wide range of applications that Google makes available: From Google Maps to check routes and roadmaps to Google Drive, allowing you to manage all types of documents from the own device and store them in the cloud. We also have at our disposal access to Google Play Store where you can download many more applications tailored to the operating systems Android.

bq Aquaris E4.5             1

A level of connectivity the Aquaris E4.5 has the basic connections on these devices: 3G, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. However, what is most striking is its dual SIM card slot, which allows you to insert up to two micro-SIM cards. Thus, while bq intended to provide more flexibility to Aquaris E4.5 allowing change operator, either for mobile data, as for calls and traders use both simultaneously. This is very handy for those who have a mobile company because they can combine the two devices into one.


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