The Denon Envaya is a portable Bluetooth speaker that provides good sound anywhere

The Denon Envaya incorporates a rechargeable battery with ten hours of battery life. So, it can work both near and away from an outlet. Audio from smartphones, tablets, laptops or any other device with Bluetooth you can play wirelessly. Thanks to the wireless technology, users can enjoy music with CD quality. The manufacturer adds near field communications (NFC) to facilitate the task of pairing a Bluetooth phone. As usual, this speaker also supports other audio sources such as MP3 players or portable audio readers, using the auxiliary input.

It is a product of very careful design and good construction. As shown, the grid that protects the front is metallic. It has a backplate with rubber base that can be deployed to support it with great stability on any flat surface. At the top is the keypad with tactile keys good size for easy access to all functions.

The manufacturer describes the design of Denon Envaya as Italian style. It is a lightweight and truly portable speaker, with rounded corners. The perforated metal screen is a functional element while aesthetically. The product is available in two colors: black or white. However, its appearance can be changed very easily. To do this, inside the package contained four decks fabric interchangeable to place under the speaker grille in four different colors. Thus, the consumer can customize the product and get marry decor. The colors are white polka dot, indigo blue, pink (fandango) and orange (sunset). The cover is placed below the grid; just press on an existing tab on the bottom of the unit to raise the rack and replace the cover.

The device weighs 1.28 kilos and measures 25.5 inches wide by 14.1 inches tall, and 4.75 inches deep (9.6 inches deep when supported on the support). To release the stand, simply place the speaker on a flat surface holding it with one hand and then the other pressure on the existing notch in the upper back.

In the upper panel keypad installed. It is from left to right, starting with the LED battery status. Then there are several touch buttons: switch, which selects the auxiliary input, and which enable Bluetooth. In the center is the NFC sensor. Below is the button to mute the speaker and used to raise and lower the volume.


Even as a small footprint device, the Denon Envaya is equipped with a high efficiency digital amplifier and features two full-range speakers with a diameter of 57 mm and 100 mm passive radiator. The passive radiator, placed in the center, mounted on a full suspension to achieve a fuller bass and presence. The aim is to provide high-fidelity sound with a portable speaker.

The Audi engineers have several signal processing technologies patented by the company on this computer. All are designed to optimize performance with the stereo system, but also with other multimedia content such as video games, videos and movies. The first one, MaxxTreble improves the clarity and precision of treble. Second, MaxxBass creates a kind of virtual subwoofer to boost the bass up an octave and a half below the actual physical capabilities of the installed speakers. Meanwhile, Maxx3D aims to create a three-dimensional sound image with only two channels to provide more excitement to movies and games.

Wireless audio can be played via Bluetooth, which is version 3.0 and supports profiles A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile) and AVRCP (Audio / Video Remote Control Profile). You can work with several audio codecs as aptX low latency, AAC and SBC; content protection uses the SCMS-T method. The fact that the codec is aptX low latency that means it will not sync failures or delays when playing audio from movies and video games. The latency of only 32 milliseconds, while other less advanced Bluetooth connections operate around 150 milliseconds.

You can pair up to eight Bluetooth devices, but only one can play music through the speaker of Denon time. To facilitate pairing, features NFC (Near Field Communication). The first function is to activate the NFC smartphone. Then you have to play with the smartphone in the sensor marked N is located in the center of the top of the NFC speaker. Immediately, music is playing in the smartphone starts to be heard on the speaker from Denon.

The multipoint function serves to connect to several Bluetooth devices simultaneously, as you can be a smartphone, a tablet and a notebook computer, or three mobile friends. That way, you can move quickly from one audio source to another. The speaker plays the music of one of them every time, and passes into another when it stops (or pauses) playback on that was playing at the time.

On the right side are the speaker connections. From top to bottom, is the first port USB, followed by auxiliary audio input, ending with the entry for the adapter. Just below is a tiny USB button to restore factory settings, when the speaker stops working properly. This operation erases all information on the previously paired Bluetooth devices. The port USB lacks the ability to play music; used to recharge the battery and other external devices for issues technical support.

The auxiliary input has a stereo minijack connector (3.5 mm), and the cable is not included in the package. When the source is the auxiliary audio input, the manufacturer recommends first up the volume on the connected device (e.g. MP3 player), and then adjust the volume on the speaker Denon.

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