Dell announced enhancements to its channel partner programs

Dell announced improvements to its channel partner programs, specifically software program PartnerDirect through its four new areas. Dell explains that improvements underline their commitment to allow channel partners to sell end-to-end solutions through a single program, and increasing the reach and revenue potential of its partners. Those who sell a mixture of hardware and software can now reach the Dell Premier level through a mixed ability.

Today the partners of official transition programs Mexico and Latin America such as the Quest Partner Circle program also mark PartnerDirect. Communities KACE partners, SonicWALL AppAssure and have made the transition, fitting well in the four skills of software delivered.

Historically, the Dell Partner Direct program has focused on enabling and promoting the sales of hardware partners in the company. Over the past year, Dell launched an aggressive strategy to build scalable enterprise software products within its portfolio of solutions in the areas of data center and cloud management, information, mobile workforce, security and data protection with the aim of becoming a full service provider of end-to-end IT solutions.

Today, the Dell Software division is one of the largest software companies in the world with $ 1,200 million in sales representing 90 percent of the Fortune 1000 companies, with the support of 6,000 employees specializing in software worldwide.

“The partners have special requirements and Software SonicWALL has always done a great job, not only meet those needs but also takes tangible benefits and rewards for partners”, said Joe Thompson, vice president of Channels, Abacus Solutions. “As companies like SonicWALL PartnerDirect change, we are confident that Dell is committed to maintaining the equity partner. We are always excited to explore the potential that comes when partners Dell and leveraging its offer end-to-end for the good of our customers’ solutions”.

“This alignment with Dell Software confirms our commitment to the channel, which represents 40% of our business. Thus, not only consolidates but also opens more opportunities through the PartnerDirect program which seek complete autonomy of our indirect channels based on a model which is becoming stronger”, commented Mario Ardila, responsible for the channels for Latin America Multi Country MCLA program.


Dell Software Skills PartnerDirect

The program has improved custom requirements and points of revenue for software partners in order to achieve the Premiere and Preferred levels. The areas of the Software allow Dell to the needs of its community combined channel partners, including software and hardware focused on serving members and partners that sell a mixture of both.

PartnerDirect provides specialized learning pathways for channel partners validate and distinguish their experience, leading to increased profitability and competitive advantage. New areas of software announced today are:

• Security: Identity and Access Management network, endpoint and email security
• Systems Management: Client Management, Performance Monitoring, Windows Server administration, virtualization and cloud.
• Data Protection: Backup / recovery of the company, virtual protection, application protection and disaster recovery.
• Information Management: Database Administration, intelligence / business analytics, and data integration applications and big data analysis.

Dell Software partners can leverage vital PartnerDirect benefits including:

• Pioneering the Premier level, with the aim of further boosting revenue potential, including a combined competition partner selling end-to-end hardware and software deals
• Marketing Development Funds for generating business opportunities
• Online Training Free high value or low cost instructor-led
• Support ‘Concierge’ in your queries to Latin American Partner Resource Desk ( L )

“Trained partners sell four times more than non-trained”, said Marvin Blough, Executive Director of the Global Network of Channels and Alliances for Dell Software. “We are very excited to offer our partners a huge array of new benefits to expand your earning potential and scope of their customer relationships. It is a great victory for all of us to be part of a single program with end-to-end solutions and offers endless possibilities”.

Market Opportunity

Dell Software enhancements announced today PartnerDirect empower channel partners to leverage Dell enormous market opportunities in this growing space. Recent results which illustrate the opportunities for partners in areas such as systems management, cloud technology, data protection and access management are:

• Gartner reports that in 2012 the software in IT operations management grew by 5 percent and generated $ 18 billion in revenue. Gartner also found that the market for software for backup / recovery systems was valued at U.S. $ 4.4 billion in 2012 and is projected to grow to $ 6.8 billion in 2017, with a compound annual rate of growth of five 9.0 percent.
• Harvard Business Review found that 85 percent of companies expect moderate use cloud technology to a wide within the next three years.
• IDC found that the market for identity and access management was $ 4.4 billion in 2012, growing at a CAGR of five years of 9.4 percent. [Iv] Dell has grown by 27.1 percent and is the eighth largest provider in Identity and Access Management.

Delivering Complete Solutions Software and connected

Dell Software enables companies of all sizes to experience the “power to do more” from Dell through the delivery of simple to use and scalable solutions that can increase productivity, responsiveness and efficiency. Dell Software is uniquely positioned to address the most pressing IT challenges today with comprehensive software offerings, connected through five key areas of solutions, encompassing data center management and cloud management information, mobile workforce, security and data protection. This software, when combined with the hardware and Dell Services helps customers simplify technology, mitigate risk and accelerate business results.


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