How to delete the contents of your phone before selling

If you thought smartphone soon change, it is more likely that the operator pick the one you have now few euros you recess in which you buy, or what you give away to a friend. Have you thought about what you deliver it as is? The first rule to keep in mind is to look up our personal data, and secure that you have stored in the phone somewhere you will deliver. Think you have deleted emails, chats, messages… and if you do not have worried clean the phone memory probably will walk for some part of the memory of the device, along with other data that should be deleted.

Let’s see what should be the correct order to deliver our current smartphone without compromising any of our data, not to mention within it any telephone numbers, photographs, documents… to think that to wipe the phone and disappeared procedure. Normally also have our cell more than a year, we can imagine the amount of information of all kinds should save for their “store”.

Now, step by step, what to do with our current mobile before handing it over to the shop sell it to someone or give it to a friend. It is something we are going to do both on our computers and the software that incorporates internal.

Clean your device

The first step is to clean the smartphone. We refer to presentable inside, although this, of course, usually only do so when the sale go it directly to someone. If the operator is left to discount something in your new smartphone, the price will be the same site or not presentable.

Backup data

One of the main things we need to do with the contents of your smartphone is performing a backup, a backup of all the data contained in its report. Once we do that, it will be much easier to transfer the data to our new phone. We can pass them directly to your computer, using a USB cable or pass the new terminal we buy.

Once you have transferred the data we see that all that content we have deleted the phone will stop using. It is very important to know that the smartphone that possibly going to use someone else, does not contain any personal or professional information us. We must avoid any risk.

selling your smartphone

Clear Data

Most Android phones come equipped with a microSD card you can find it somewhere. If you do not know where we can check the phone instructions (if any have survived), or do a quick search on the internet, because it sure is a data that found no problems. We should note that the microSD card is where some data and information, such as pictures you’ve taken, music or videos, go directly. What we can do is to transfer all the data on the card to another device, either your computer or other card microSD. It is very important that we delete the card is in the phone that will deliver rid of it before.

To empty the card, you can connect your phone to a computer via a USB cable and format. Or, if you prefer, we can do it from the phone itself, giving us the necessary options for this: We’ll go to icon settings (the sprocket); once inside, select Storage Card and chose the option to the card Format SD. We must make sure you have done the backup before proceeding to complete this step, because otherwise we will lose all content in the formatting process.

If you do not want to deliver the phone with microSD included, we just open it and remove it. To remove the microSD from the phone, we do it safely, so no damage. We see the option of removing in safe mode card within the same section in which we were: SD card storage. We will access the submenu Remove Card S D.

Reset your smartphone

Now, what we will clean the software that powers our phone. Most of the smartphones let you do this in two different ways: one of the simplest is to perform this cleanup going to the main phone settings. Let the option Privacy and from the available options we choose the option that indicates the factory data of Reset. Executing this action, the phone will remove applications that have downloaded and all modifications we have done since we have the phone. Everything will return to its initial state.

Some of the devices will ask for confirmation of the action you want to perform before running. Once we do, the phone will reset. If you have done all the steps we have indicated in this simple guide, we may already be well relieved to deliver or sell your phone, since our data, mail, records… are not we turn away from it.


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