Customizing notifications for your Android phone or tablet

Device users Android knowledgeable about the benefits of this platform, including the most radical customization of many aspects is. Something also affects the notifications beyond the screen design, sound and other issues. And it is not always convenient to have a smartphone or tablet vibrating and ringing to have to unlock it, the notification access and find it is an advertising message or some trivial matter. Something several developers have thought and wanted to solve with different applications. Here are some of them, picking up free and showy to take full advantage of notifications terminal.

For fans of Windows 8, this application can bring their terminals Android a small but interesting part of the operating system of Microsoft. And it is that with it you can enjoy all kinds of style notifications to Windows 8, as well as several of its functions, modifying somewhat the user experience of the original terminal. All this in the style Metro as distinctive and colorful to know if there is a new unread message in an application, a new post, an uploaded file, etc..

Its use is really easy. Simply launch the application once installed and know the walkthroughs. After that you can access a window where all the listed applications and terminal of which are displayed with Metro style notifications. It is possible to get the desired mark this new system, but still uses the classic notifications you want. It is a real plus for the extra features of the notification bar that some applications used in latest versions of Android. Of course, it is first necessary to give access to the Metro Notifications Free application to all other tools from the popup that appears the first time the application or, failing that, from the start menu settings.

This rectangular own notification and colorful Windows 8 appear in the terminal every time new content is received or alert the user of any issue. These arose on any application already running and you can click on them to access content or, if desired, be moving them to remove and as aware. Application Notifications Metro Free is available free through Google Play.

A different concept raises this tool. In its case you want to solve problems when unlocking the terminal to access any notification or new content. This raises a new lock screen more useful to know instantly if you want to query the notification received directly without making steps more.

Simply install and give permission to manage system notifications and other applications installed on the terminal. This is already possible to access its screen settings where you can organize all the details like the time the screen stays lit when you receive notification, customize the new lock screen, choose which applications will appear, etc..

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So, once the terminal is with the screen off and a notification is received, in addition to the LED (if available), the display for a while the icon of the application that is alerting the user. All this in a simple style screen you are looking to save battery and display useful details such as the time to the user. So you can press on the screen and swipe the icon to go directly to the notification and can see details like the conversation of WhatsApp coming of the message, for example, or select the lock to unlock the terminal and make classical steps.

It is a tool, customizable and curious for those who do not want to waste time. All this for free and can download it via Google Play. There is also a version of payment with more customization options.

Even more notable are the notifications for this application. A tool designed especially for clueless users or who need extra time to learn what is happening in their mobile support. And it is that it uses both LED flash camera device as a showy display notifications, preventing any call, message, email, reporting and notification of any kind is lost.

Simply install the application and log in to access its screen settings. From here you can manage both applications that use this type of notification, to the style and format of the prominent notice alerting the user of new content. Thus, accessing aspects convenience, you can select the type of flash used, set a time working on this application and type of notifications are active, or limit its use when outside of certain hours. Moreover, as in other applications of this type, you need to select which tools use the service, must give permission to the application Flash Notification 2 to manage it all.

Once selected these applications, it is possible to customize the notifications. You only have to choose the duration, the speed of the intervals with which the flash will look; the width of the frames to the screen, the color, and icon size every time it reaches a new content appears. Signals rather than showy to prevent these messages are lost. Along with this, this tool also handles special notifications for incoming calls and messages from SMS text.

In short, a tool that is especially useful for older people or those who, by their environment, do not listen to notifications from your terminal, receiving a visual signal as striking both through the flash and the screen. Everything is for free. It can be downloaded through Google Play.

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