How to create and print a brochure to sell

Brochures are very useful tools for professionals, both those who work in large companies and those working in smaller offices. Whether you’re an independent or you belong to an SME, it is likely that late or early, you find yourself with the need to create a brochure to advertise or to give a sample of the services that you can offer to your customers. If you’ve never faced this task or have had problems when trying to carry it out, do not panic. We bring you some simple steps to create and print a brochure and we tell you how to improve the bottom line through the tools included in printers HP Officejet Pro

The platform that we will use to create the brochure is Word. From our computer we used the latest version of Word 2013, but I also count as access steps from versions of Office older. To set up the document so that it fits the shape of the brochure, the first thing to do is go to the tab “Layout” in the top bar. Click once on the margins and then click “Custom margins” section. To reach this pop-up window from previous versions of Word, we can do it via the menu “File” and then “Page setup” and “Margins”.

In this setting you have to change a value that will be key to create the brochure. This is the drop down option “Multiple pages”. We change the normal value of “Book Format” or “Book fold” in other versions. This will allow us to manage the document dividing each page into two halves in the order they would be in a book. Also make sure that the page orientation is horizontal. The next step is to decide what will be margins of our brochure. Generally, it is advisable to check margins of an inch (0.5 cm) in order to maximize the space of the page. The inner and outer margins mark the lateral separation in the pages of the booklet.

print a brochure

Once the document set, it’s time to develop the content of the brochure. When performing this task, we can help a lot to have one clear set of guidelines to maintain a good balance in the constituent parts of the prospectus. For example, it is interesting to combine a general rule both images and text on each page, and do so in such a way that no grocery space. This is one of the great failures most often tend to fall brochures, and can mean the difference between a sale and a failure.

Another premise that we must keep is to not use bright colors in our booklet, and that can confuse the customer’s attention and away the product. We can use to enter the corporate colors of our company, while always respecting the space and a balance of tones. In fact, the choice of colors should marry well with the strategy of marketing that we will perform. For example, the predominance of colors like red or yellow blend well with more aggressive strategies and aimed at a younger audience, while less flashy colors and muted tones marry better with strategies that target older people or products or more serious services.

In addition to the corporate colors, we must ensure that the logo of our company is part of the booklet, but it is recommended that occupies a secondary place in the bottom to not distract. This consistency should also be followed in the typeface, so it makes sense to keep one or two fonts throughout the entire booklet. And finally, but not least, we must take special care of the cover. Finally after all, it will act as the face of our company or product. Using a large image or a claim that hooks the user may serve to keep reading, but it is key to maintain consistency with what we present on the inside pages or the client may feel cheated. Not the same file a furniture catalog that some legal services.

Almost as important as achieving a content that knows attract the attention of our customers, is hit when it comes to carry out the printing. To this end, we recommend printing a color and a quality finish. Printers Officejet Pro are an excellent choice to create this kind of brochures, thanks to the quality inks HP and printing cost savings brought about by these equipment compared to laser printers (up to 50% cheaper ). All with duplex printing as standard across the range, a feature that we should look for when performing this type of work to avoid the hassle of getting a brochure print on both sides manually.

In addition, if we complete our brochures we can also use any of the apps available for printers HP Officejet Pro. For example, the application “Quick forms” allow us to print directly through computer one form or basic alternative format to be the customer which fills it (can even end user with a maze to bring a playful touch). Or print a personalized calendar out our calendar Google to introduce different promotions at different times of the month. In short, it is to seek alternatives to the most appropriate brochure for future readers.


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