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The creativity of our publications on Instagram every day is something that has more weight in this social network. The greater the competition, the more you have to raise the level of quality and originality of publications if we continue to attract new followers.

One of the tips I always give in improving the outcome of your Instagram photos or videos, is that always use external editing applications. In this article, “6 essential applications to edit your videos Instagram” and we gave you some tips on how to start. Well, in this article we will explain how to create video collages to Instagram using any of the 2 applications that we are going to show next and how to take advantage of them to create a really interesting effect cloned.

2 Applications to post your own video collages on Instagram

You see, the technique of collages not only applies to photos, but is now also quite used to the video format. In fact, it is increasingly common to see video collages posted on Instagram. Sometimes we even find photos and videos on Instagram with spectacular effects that are nothing like a collage and instead if they use these applications to get it.

There are many mobile applications that allow you to create collages with video, but in this article we’re going to present only these 3:

Vidstitch PRO (Android and iOS)

Possibly the most complete program we found to create video collages on Android. Obviously has an option to share on Instagram directly without leaving the application. Its features include:

  • Possibility to combine photos and videos in the same assembly.
  • Rotating videos and images separately.
  • Adjust color, brightness and saturation.
  • Support for GIF images.
  • More than 50 different frames.
  • Individual video frames to post full size clipping.
  • Add your own music to the assembly.

On the other hand, has the disadvantage that the PRO version charges. It is true that there is a free version of Vidstitch, but you can only include a video collage, other tables have to be photos, so this option is not worth us.

If you do not want to spend money on the application to make collages with your videos, you have another option is to use the implementation of Collage Video Calls for Android. The latter is even more limited in functionality, if it allows you to combine up to 5 videos in a single collage.

Pic & Vid Stitch (iOS)

Although this application is quite similar to the previous one and also lets you share directly to Instagram, include some more that are not available in functions Vidstitch, but if something makes it stand out is that it is free. Here we show the most important functions and we finally made ​​it decant for:

  • Function Fuzzy edges to blur between frames.
  • Choice of 11 aspect ratios (width x height) different. Although we recommend you always choose the option of 1 × 1, so do not trim your Instagram collage.
  • 50 image filters and video available.
  • Ability to apply filters separately to each part of the collage.
  • Ability to include videos and photos from the gallery.
  • Timer to schedule photo shots and recordings.
  • Adjustable frames.

The customization possibilities are immense with this application. The only downside we see it is that you can not record videos longer than 10 seconds and can not stop recording anytime, but you have to wait for those 10 secs. Furthermore, it is only available for iOS.

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How to create cloning effect in your videos of Instagram

The effect is basically to create cloned copies of the same objects or persons in the scene being recorded. It is a resource that has been used in film for many years and now you can create yourself with your smartphone camera and any of the 2 applications you just presented. To create this effect simply follows these steps:

  1. Open Vidstitch PRO or Vid & Pic Stitch, select a frame collage picture vertically divided into several parts.
  2. Place your phone on a flat and stable support, making sure not to move and directly focusing on the area you want to record.
  3. Now place the object or person you want to record in the active table and begins recording. This part is critical as to make the effect look good, the subject can not pass on the strip that divides the active box (if not would cut) and so it is advisable to have someone else help you with the recording.
  4. Repeat the previous step for each picture collage. Make sure you always keep your smartphone in the same position and that all recordings have the same duration.
  5. Finally, save the collage and share it on Instagram.

Here’s a good example of how to properly apply the effect.

We recommend that in case you want to apply some filter to the video collage, do it within the app Instagram just before publication. This way you ensure that the whole scene is even and the result of the effect is much better.

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