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The scientist of Swiss and pit solution which heard of IT start up in Kerala will be operating on the project of blue brain which is world’s first comprehensive attempt to reverse-engineer the mammalian brain. The Brain mind institute of Swiss Federal who is director Henry Makram to Financial Express. The project is build of computerized copy of brain which starting with rat’s brain and then turns into human brain which is one of the most powerful computers. You can read more in our other technology related article or blog.

The primary purpose is to understand the brain function and dysfunction which go through detailed simulations. The rhodent research has given us a template to build on. Scientist Makram said that it would help in unraveling human Brain. brain-act-bike-overly-copyThe neuron triggered the whole idea is mentall illness, memory and perception and also electric signal which treated with super computer that models all the 1,000,000 million brains synapses. The human brains are identical. The makram said that this is not exciting part how different human brains are but how the humans brain similar all are. The finding is key that irrespective of gender and race.

There are many scientist guess that one day human will upload their minds into computer, where they will romp around in virtual reality environment. That’s may be possible but there are still thorny number issue to consider. But there is some main reason why the human brains never be digitized. there are also some specialist scientist expressed their support of the possibility also scientist Ray Kurxweil,robotics Hans Moravec,cognitive scientist Marvin Minskey,neuroscientist David eagle man and many others. You can read more in our other technology related article or blog.

brain copy

All are claim that the human will be able to transfer their conscious thoughts to a computer even though it is extraordinary one in the world .but many of scientist are given negative express about the impact of brains transfer which may not possible what the others saying and also thing that super power computer will be slow ,unstable and prone to catastrophic failures – another issue is that mind cant exist without body but a uploaded mind would be endowed with a simulated body which place in a simulated world too.  There are some of real scientific, philosophical, ethical, and even security thinking that could significantly limit or even prevent consciousness uploads from ever happening. Here are the following some of the most serious:

1. Brain functions are not compute able

The brain is Turing Machine that is mind proponents of uploading tend to urgue.the organics mind are more than classical information processors. It is an assumption which derived from the strong physical church Turing thesis and its drives much of cognitive science. But everyone not believes the brain or computer analogy works. The neuro scientist Miguel Nicolelis who is recently at the annual meeting of the American association for the advance of science in Boston concern that the brain is not computable and also it can be reproduce. He just referred the idea as bunk and saying that it will never happend but there are a lot of peoples selling the idea that can mimic the brain with computer. The scientist Nicolelis argues that the consciousness of human can’t be replicated in silicon because most of the result of features unpredictable, nonlinear interactions among billions of cells.

2. We’ll never solve the hard problem of consciousness

The human never cant able to explain why the compute ability of the brain aside and also it cant be able to explain why and how we have qualia or phenomenal experience. we can see from the David Chalmers that the mind philosopher who came up with term hard problem like to solve easy problems human cognition, it is like we focus our attention recall memory, process information and discrimination. But its explaining  how incoming sensations translated into feelings and its also proving to be much difficult. Its just like the colour experience, taste or the pleasurable sound of music. However, we’re still not sure that why we are consciousness why we not just normal philosophical zombies.

3. We’ll never solve the binding problem

We can figure out how the brains generate the subject experience and classical digital computers can’t be able to support unitary minds. The binding problems referred – how a mind is able to segregate elements and combine problems as seamlessly as it does which is inability to understand… It is needless to say that we don’t know if a Turing machine can support these function or not.brain copy

In most case we need to figure out especially how our brains segregate in complex pattern, that a process can allows us to distinguish them as discrete objects. the binding also concern the issue of how objects like those in back ground or even something as abstract as emotions and that can still be combined into a  and coherent experience. The cognitive neuroscientist has concerned that minding is seen as a problem of mechanism finding which map the objective physical entities in the external world into corresponding internal neural entities in the brain. You can read more in our other technology related article or blog.


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