Contribute in Google Language Translator project

In our daily life we are talking or writing. What ever we are doing we are using our own language. Now you can translate your language in any language by Google Translate tool. Google Translate is a free multilingual statistical machine translation service provided by Google to translate text, speech, images, or real-time video from one language into another. This machine is enriching everyday by millions of people’s contribution in Google Language Translator project.

Here you can find almost all language’s translation. Now you can think how Google is doing this? Its very simple! All over the world millions of peoples are contributing for their own language and enriching their mother language day by day.

How you will contribute in the Google Translate project:

Steps 1:
To go Google Language Translator project dashboard, Please click on this link. It will takes you to Google Translate Projects dashboard.

Steps 2:
Google will give you default option for your contribution language or you can choose your own contribution language from Main Menu > Languages sub menu.

Steps 3:
After that choose what type of contribution you wish to do.

Option 1) Translate

Option 2) Validate others Translation.

Steps 4:
In the right side bar, you can see your total contribution works in Google Language Translator project.

Step 5:
Time to time Google will communicate with you on your contribution in Google Language Translator project.

Hope you will continue your contribution and enrich your own mother language to the world. Please share this article as much as possible and let’s help our own mother language to grow.

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