Most constructive Google tricks that will make your life easier

The internet is huge and the things you can do with it are endless. It is even difficult to know what to do with a browser. Google is a great help when looking for any information on the web. However, many people consider the most efficient tool as part of life. Most of the users of visit each day, but few know all the amazing things they can do with it. Simply writing a couple of words in the search box, you can use Google to plan and answer any questions you have during the day.

No doubt that Google is one of the most used search engine on the planet. So much so, that service of Mountain View has a high percentage of market shares. But do you know everything about Google? Today we bring you up to ten tricks of the most efficient tool that will make your life nice and easier, or at least the searches, much easier.

1) Define a word: Sometimes we urgently need to find the definition of a word, but we have no direct access to the dictionary or any other of our favorite tools. If you access Google and you type “define:” and the word you want a definition, a box will appear before you with the answer you seek. In addition, this same space you can expand the information by clicking on the arrow, with data on other meanings, etymology of the word and even translation functions.

2) Find words in exact order: You may be interested in seeking a piece of text or an appointment to meet its exact origin or find a specific URL. To that Google takes into account the order of the words, you just have to enclose the text in quotation marks question and click on the button Search. 

3) Excludes certain words: If you want to search and filter the results so that not a word completion appears, you only have to add a “-” in the box. For example: Imagine that you need to find a recipe for cupcakes without milk. Write “-milk muffins recipe” and click Search.

4) Find an article that you do not have the URL: It sometimes happens that we have read an interesting article in a particular environment, but a few hours or days do not remember the exact link. In this case we only have to type “Site:”, enter the URL of the page and a keyword with the theme or the protagonist of the text.

5) Look for no certain keywords: Here you have to find a poem, the lyrics of a song, a piece of text, but left certain keywords. You can also search including the text and substituting the unknowns by asterisks. Google and will be responsible for replacing these spaces for the different possibilities that exist.

6) Set the timer: If you are out of work and want to take a break, nothing beats the timer Google: a system that allows you to set a time interval to be notified once this has elapsed. Write “set timer for” in the search bar and select the time you need. Activate the warning sound (just clicking on the speaker icon) and follow with yours. You will hear a beep once the clock has timed out.

7) Search by file type: And here are some of the most useful tricks: which allows you to search files from Google. Sometimes we want to find a presentation or file PDF. All you have to do is enter the search box, write the terms or keywords and add “file type: ppt” with the correct extension.

8) Perform mathematical calculations: if you are not wearing well mental calculation, this tool will leave Pearl. It is a calculator you will find available from the search bar. Just type the mathematical operation (e.g. 30% in 2000) to a calculator appears before you and offers you the result. If you then need to do more operations you can continue using it from this space.

9) Convert currency: Here is another trick related to mathematics. If you are traveling to the United States and want to know exactly how many dollars are 1500 euros, writes in the homing box: “dollars to euros” and fill in the blanks for the conversion.

10) Search for a phrase in the exact order: It has probably happened to you that you are looking for a famous phrase, but Google never gives the result. You will not have this problem if you write over the phrase in quotes.


11) Find a GIF: And we end up with an interesting trick to the most fans to the GIF. If you want to send one of these motion pictures to a friend and want to choose from thousands and thousands of them, go to Google Images. Under the heading Search Tools, click on the tab type, select Animation.


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