Connecting your new tablet or smartphone to your TV

There are many reasons why we would like to know how to connect your smartphone or tablet to the TV. Some might be enjoying our games on a larger screen, display family photos taken or videos from Youtube. Do so without any complexity, it is very simple, but it is true that we need to know the different alternatives as by model or manufacturer may choose one or more options.

Connecting via HDMI

The first and simplest option is to connect your device via an HDMI cable. It is the easiest method because it only requires the appropriate cable and connects at ends, tablet or smartphone and your television.

To find out which type of connection includes HDMI our nothing better than consult the manual device. It will see the different connectors on the device that will tell us if you use an HDMI, mini HDMI connector, micro HDMI or if, as in the case of iOS devices, you need an adapter to HDMI.

Once you have the proper cables is just a matter of connecting, select the correct input source on the TV and start enjoying. It is also important to know that some devices only support video playback, but not the way mirror. That is, we can reproduce photos or videos on your television but did not see the screen of your device as it (mirror screen).

MHL connection

MHL or Mobile High Definition Link is a type of connection created in 2010 whose purpose is to transmit Full HD quality video from mobile devices (smartphone and tablet). In some cases a user terminal in MHL do not know they can use it to connect your device to the TV. Strive to find the HDMI connection and do not notice this possibility.

If after consulting the features of your smartphone or tablet, you see that you have an MHL connector only will need an adapter such as this adapter for some models of Samsung, which offers us a HDMI connector to connect Connecting1to your television. In addition, the advantage, the MHL connection can recharge the computer connected at the same time, so we will not have to fear running out of battery.

Apple TV and Chromecast

Leaving aside the cable options is time to move to wireless. Depending on the platform we can make use of either. For IOS devices, the Apple TV is a very good option if you want to show the content of our iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch on your TV.

To connect your iOS device to the Apple TV only need two are connected to the same wifi network. Then, thanks to AirPlay, you can send video, music or pictures from the device to the TV. Yes, we know that only from the iPad 2, iPhone 4s and iPod Touch 5th generation onwards support the video mirroring. Previous devices only allow us to video output.

Chromecast is the other solution is only valid for Android devices. The device that Google recently launched the market allows a bridge between our device and the TV. The downside is it is not available in all countries and that the support is limited to some specific applications like Youtube, Google Chrome or Plex among others.

Cheapcast reusing “old” devices

Cheapcast, an application for Android that allows you to emulate the operation was developed before this setback can not acquire Chromecast in all countries, if we have several Android devices or want to give a second use our “old” Android smartphone or tablet with CheapCast will have the same options Chromecast.

If you have an Android device not heap up regularly, supports Cheapcast and I like the idea of seeing on TV what you are seeing on your device we recommend installing it. Also Cheapcast is free and can be downloaded from Google Play. Although there is another option is to install the application in any of the Set Top Box with Android that are available.

Leveraging our Smart TV

If you have a Smart TV may not need anything else. With the right combination of tablet or smartphone, and Smart TV apps can see the contents of your device to the TV without cable or additional gadget. With the 4.2 version of Android comes native support for Miracast, a protocol that allows you to stream video and audio via wifi. So, just as I can with Apple AirPlay, we see on our TV videos, photos and more content we have on our terminal.

Again we have to check the manual for our Smart TV but, for example, I anticipate that the Samsung TVs already use Miracast but under the name of AllShare.

The advantages of connecting a smartphone or tablet to your TV

At the beginning of the article already discussed the main advantage and reason that invites us to connect our smartphone or tablet to your TV: enjoy the content on a larger screen. And it is, indeed, the screen size index directly into the experience. Not the same watching a movie in 5″ to 42″.

But there’s more. There are users who do not have a Smart TV, as it deprives them of interesting options to access online video services as Filmin Wuaki or TV, without the application itself to launch television channels to access their demand programming The most interesting moments, news, etc..

Therefore, connect your smartphone or tablet to your TV is something that everyone should know how to do. Something that now you will know. Just choose the option that most interests you, or which you can enjoy, with or without cable.


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