How to connect a game console to control your computer

Long time that were developed the first Joysticks and Gamepad for the PC, although they have evolved with the passage of time, more and more have been used the command of a console to play on the computer.

It is known to play a first person shooter or an RPG combination of keyboard and mouse is usually the most convenient, but there are people who do not just convince the sensation playing, your favorite game keyboard and computer mouse. So today we bring this little guide on how to connect your console to control your computer. This guide will talk about game consoles 4 controllers that are specifically controls PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One; we find it convenient that these commands were therefore being best known in the market for consoles. This little guide is intended for use on a PC with Windows 7 operating system (used for both the x86 bit version to the x64 bit). First begin by commanders consoles Microsoft, the first being the command of Xbox 360 and then the Xbox One.

Guide for connecting an Xbox 360 controller to the PC:

This command is the easiest way to connect, requiring few steps and half of the process is practically automatic, since being a command of the same company as the OS on the Microsoft case, will not offer resistance to speak.

1. Control for Xbox 360, connect to the computer using the cable still USB port. Lights control light up, and these are blueberries flashing may be that you connect the remote via USB to the computer that is configured automatically, if this happens the light control would remain fixed indicating that it is already connected, if not the case go to point 2.

2. We downloaded the appropriate drivers from the Microsoft website which, we will leave the link below for more comfort (LINK), select your operating system in paragraph? What operating system are you using? In our case we choose Windows 7 32 bits or 64 bits. Then below where it says, Software and Drives on the right of this select Language laying, you choose the language you need and enjoy your favorite games. If this worked not uninstall the Driver and reinstall.

3. The above step was to connect the controller, via the USB cable if you want to use the controller wirelessly; we buy a wireless adapter for the PC and download the following driver (LINK), the steps for installing the driver is the same as in step 2.

How to connect an Xbox One to your computer:

This command is more complicated because the console is the last generation that has not been released to the market for many months. Due in part to that Microsoft has not yet released any driver compatibility, although it has developed a Driver Unofficial, so this command is used in PCs, and communicate in advance that the installation of this command on your computer, is a process that we require approximately 15 minutes.

game console  2

1 – First we downloaded the RAR folder following link ( LINK ), as it is everything we need to run the command in Windows 7 The right thing would be to create a folder specifies that, on the desktop for easy access., we create it, put the rar file in the decompressed and had to step 2.

2 – Now open Control Panel, Hardware and Sound, Devices and Printers and right of this, we have the “Device Manager” option. Then immediately afterwards have already opened the administrator, connect the command of the Xbox One to computer via USB cable, we should leave the manager after a few seconds, as an unknown device. If it were not the case manager teams close and reopen.

After we leave as unknown device, you do click on that same device and will open a screen where you give a driver update, it will open another window where you choose the option below “Search for driver software on your computer” The tab will change and we will come up a search box, where there have to paste the address of the folder where you unzipped the zip file downloaded earlier and not have to select anything decompressed only route the link above everything in the folder, when we have to make sure we stuck to the box just below the copied route that says “Include subfolders” is checked.

Then we give we should accept and leave a message Windows security, which will choose the option below that says “Install this software anyway” we will get a screen like that is already installed the driver we give accept and we have installed the driver, close the manager and had to step 3.

3 – On the folder where you have unzipped the rar file is a program called vJoy, open it and we will get a screen with 3 options to install all marked, well take off like that found in the middle and we give ” Next “and” Install “. Then we will appear near the end a screen, where it says if we want to install this device software before installing it mark the box on the left that says “Always trust software” and we click Install. When finished, move to the next step 4.

4 – Then we click the program, LiveUsb that is among the unzipped files above. We accept terms and we click Next, the next screen you will get two boxes checked, uncheck the second and give it to the next, same thing next screen click on next and which continues to give to install.

We give a finish, if we have to set in well before the top box is checked the option to “Launch”. Now is when it gets more interesting things, had to step 5.

5 – This step is a continuation of 4 and complicated but here is a little thing, do not be afraid to question. Once we have left LiveUsb screen, we click the top option that says “Install to device filter”, we give below. Then we will open another window where we have to choose from, well then we filter down the right bar of the window and see that almost everything we get down in description One Microsoft Xbox Controller, select it and we give “Install”. When finished we give and then we will take back the option to choose, we give to cancel. We now move to step 6.

6 – We give the start button on our search SO and write without quotes “vJoy”, select the option “Configure vJoy”, when it is we will see top left 3 squares laying, X, Y, Z and another just below them that says “R / Rz / Pudder”, the select all. But also under the same area we found two boxes that says ” Rx and Ry “the mark too, then top right we set the “box Continuous” and below this selected number one, below this in the “Number of Buttons” choose the number 13 and press the button “Apply”.

Now go to the folder where we unzipped the file above, and we will see a folder that puts APP, open it and run the “application XboxOneDriverAPP.exe “see if that opens a small window with several X features the Xbox controller, we to have all off least one if not repeat the above steps. Moving on to step 7.

7 – Open again the control panel and all the way up right into the search area, we write vJoy, unto us several options to the left at all, we click that says “Configure USB drivers’ games”.

Select the option vJoy Device and give it to “Properties”, it will open another window where you can test; the control buttons joysticks, to see that they work properly. Once proven to work, we give “Ok” to close and we do all the windows except that of “XboxOneDriverAPP.exe” and ready finally have your Xbox One knob connected to your PC, ready to enjoy your favorite games.

Then start with the installation of the controls of PlayStation 3 and 4 in your computer. The first thing to do will be to the PS3, but unlike the Xbox One of the PS4 command installs much easier than the Xbox.


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