Congratulates Valentine’s Day from your mobile phone

The date approaches most romantic of the year, in addition to being one of the most commercial. But to keep the spirit of love with your partner, family or friends, it is not necessary to buy expensive cologne, even chocolates. Simply having a nice touch with the boyfriend or girlfriend, and a reminder for those who are single and this day it is difficult. Therefore, we have selected a number of applications free and appealed to pull through the most clueless person.

Love letters from Tom

The conteston cat that has achieved more fame through smartphone applications not want to miss Valentine. And he has a girlfriend to be congratulated. Taking this opportunity the user can use the different scenes featuring these cute characters to send postcards with personalized messages, being able to write what you want to express. All this through 19 cards with different situations four songs romantic and catchy and the usual animations that have given so successful saga Talking Tom Cat All this form completely free and can download this app from Google Play and App Store.


But if what you want is to offer a more tangible detail, and with a few days notice before the key date, it is best to look for a bargain or offer for a romantic evening. A dinner, a theatre, a relaxing experience… options that can be found among the known Groupon service offerings. With your application you can see all the options available, either by proximity to the user, breaks, meals, etc.. A good showcase for original ideas or retailers take last minute and, when possible, to save a few euros. All this from a tool free available on Google Play, App Store and Windows Phone Store.

Messages of Love and Valentines

In this case it is one of those applications that everyone just going in either dates or romantic holiday, to get some inspiration. And in it you can find a good collection of loving messages, and even loving geeks to remember a special person. Simply choose the option Custom Message and enter the details of the couple or a single person to create a single text that refers to a specific date, an age… Or, if you prefer, you can always look good by sending WhatsApp one of poems that can be found in this tool. Every detail for at least agreed with a message from someone special. Here is a free application available only for Android from Google Play.

NicePrints +

Another classic of these dates are the photo albums boyfriends. It is a good option to gather all those pictures circulating on the phone in one place to enjoy them in the old way. Something allows this tool, and in different formats. This not only allows you to create albums to use but also distribute photos on a calendar and various other compositions. You just have to choose the platform, images, and funds to cover customize everything to suit the user. Then you can choose to download everything in high quality to print at the store nearest photo or placing an order and receive it directly to home. Although it is possible to enjoy the music or the calendar in digital format from the application itself, which turning the pages with your finger as if it were physical. It is a tool available in Google Play and App Store.

Valentine's Day

I Off You

But if what is needed is to give the couple time, this is the ideal application. A tool designed to avoid distractions when you’re with that special someone, can create a kind of contract in which the leading term is not being distracted by the smartphone. In this way the couple can block access to the mobile itself to have all your attention and can see the total time finally achieved and notify the user if you skipped this prohibition. It is a tool available free for both Android and for iPhone on Google Play and App Store.

And for singles

Because this feast of love can not only celebrate the paired, there is a good collection of applications for dating or flirt. It is a good way to not only spend this day or start preparing a good Valentine for next time. There are tools of all kinds. Tinder is one that has attracted most attention in recent times. It is a tool to find people near the user’s location and value them. Thus, if the positive assessment is mutual, it is possible to make contact and start a story. However you may find more users in the classic Badoo where hobbies are also a good search criterion when dating or flirting. Alternatives also exist in the gay community with known Grindr and Bender as men, or sensual Brenda to meet women nearby.

And for those who have a broken heart

My Ex Voodoo Doll Valentine

It is a curious and fun application for anyone who need to download the rage and rancor after a break. All through the black magic of Voodoo, but in a much more digitally. So one comes ragdoll representing that person you hate and you can do all sorts of mischief: nail pencils, pins, pinching, burning, stain… all with the illusion that bad things will happen in real life or at least release some tension through an innocent application. In this case it is a tool for iPhone available for free in App Store, and has in-app purchases to personalize the doll before torturing it.

Stupid Phonecalls Blocker Free

Another tool for broken hearts with little willpower.. Its main mission is to block calls to a former and prevent the entry of your message. It is a good tool to not do anything stupid with that date, even if Alcohol involved. A free version allows only enter a phone number to block. Enough to survive this day without losing dignity. A tool available only through Google Play.


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