Comparison between Samsung Galaxy S4 and The iPhone5

The iphone 5 is launched 21 September 2012 and the galaxy S4 was since early June. Both are very handy products and filled customer with high satisfaction every where in the world. And it’s very hard to find out the best among them. but it is true there are some difference between them and its depend on clients need .It has read several reviews that describe the technical reasons to own one device over the other; but one one should concern himself with most of these issues.

The iphone 5 works flawless out of the box .once it is turn on then its does everything and it is ever going to do. anyone can add some application here and its makes experience better but if unknown an application from a hole in the ground then the iphone 5 will guarantee you an emotionally  satisfaction experience with an almost zero learning curve.

When the iphone 5 will vibrant or makes a noise will tell that what actually what need to do next. You don’t need to press anything right of the box just use the finger to slide and answer the call. The iphone 5 is very thin and looks very smart and it’s very comfort to carry in pocket or even in hand. its got many applications which you need to familiar to run that application and can use with satisfaction.

The galaxy S4 is totally arguable a much better device and looks very awesome. It has much better device than iPhone5. Now anybody can search on Google for android 4.2.x and will see that in Google answer is to the inconsistency user experience issues of previous experience Android build.

The Samsung galaxy S4 has flexibility to have a look on screen. Its just awesome just presses the button and its own way. And its sounds great until get a text massages and don’t know that. There will be no unread text massage count native to massage icon and even with lock screen turn on. it has choice to deciding how to display text massage notification.

In practice, the iPhone 5 is already so far out-of-date hardware-wise that its very to recommend purchasing it – unless its really don’t want to or have the time to work setting up Android phone the way want it.

There are some reason why is the galaxy sumsang S4 is better than iPhone 5:

Display, the GalaxyS4 definitely over inch than a iphone5.A bigger screen is much enjoyable than smaller display for the party boys and gilrs.especially when they watch video or games on their phones. But some peoples like to use smaller display to carry it easy and feel better for smaller size too.

The galaxyS4 is very suitable for those peoples who love party the speaker can very loud and its enough for loud sound in smaller room for the party. but the iphone 5 is mild level sound and its perfect for the music needs.

The galaxyS4 is very similar to a normal desktop keybord.there is a separate row with buttons for numbers. The iphone will require a toggle for numbers and symbols separately

The best things of galaxyS4 are the air gesture. The users can do multiple tasks just with a wave of hand like answer a call or flip through photos using that features.

There is some specific reason for choosing between them. Here is some following reason:

  • Reason # 1 – Display, in terms of size, the Galaxy S4 definitely has an inch over iPhone 5. A bigger screen tends to be more appealing, especially if the users want to watch videos or play games on their phones. But some users prefer a smaller screen as it is easier to handle in one hand and tends to be more user friendly in terms of ease of use.
  • Reason # 2 – Audio, The Galaxy S4 is for people who love to party. The speakers can be loud – enough for a few friends in a small room to have a party. The iPhone 5 is a little mild in terms on the speaker volume but perfectly good enough for users’ music needs. But to those who are inviting a few friends over or going camping Galaxy S4 is the way to go.
  • Reason # 3 – Interface, Finding what a user needs in lesser taps is the key to a good interface. The iPhone 5 sticks to the time tested Apple design and allows for a search option to better find what the user is looking for. The Galaxy S4 on the other hand helps a user find most of the things he/she is looking for by swiping down from the top, like Bluetooth, Air Gesture and Wi-Fi et al. The phone allows a lot of customization even to the lock screen and users can set shortcuts to their favorite apps.
  • Reason # 4 – Keyboard, The Galaxy S4 is similar to a normal desktop keyboard, there is a separate row with buttons for numbers. Symbols can be typed by a long tap on the relevant button. The iPhone however will require a toggle for numbers and symbols separately.


  • Reason # 5 – Special Features, perhaps the best feature of the Galaxy S4 is the Air Gesture. The users can do multiple tasks just with a wave of the hand, like answer a call or flip through photos using this feature. The other features in the S4 are the Air View, S Translator and A Health.


With these differentiating features, the Samsung Galaxy S4 can be a very appealing buy rather than iphone 5.the best can say that its depend totally on peoples demand and what they can feel better to carry either GalaxyS4 or iphone 5.



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