Samsung Xpress C460FW – a compact, versatile printer for your living room or office

The multifunction laser printer Samsung Xpress C460FW is capable of print speeds up to 18 pages per minute in black and white and incorporates the functions of copying, scanning and faxing. But where this team really stands out is in its complete set of connections. Thanks to technology NFC, we can bring the mobile to the computer and the print job will start in just seconds. Also includes free WiFi network to connect wing house function and WPS for easy setup. We tell you all the details of this laser printer Samsung, which can be found in the market for a price of approximately 310 euros.

The laser printer Samsung Xpress C460FW reaches speeds of up to 18 pages per minute in black and white, while the low speed up to 4 pages per minute when printing pages are color. This is a rather high difference it makes advisable the primary use of this computer for printing documents in black and white. Moreover, the speed with which the first printed page comes out is less than 14 seconds from standby mode (less than 26 seconds when printing in color). These prints can reach a maximum quality of 2,400 x 600 dpi. Regarding the performance of this printer, this is a model capable of up to 20,000 impressions per month. This is a team that is not designed for very intensive use.Samsung Xpress C460FW

The Samsung Xpress C460FW allows working with documents with a size range between 7.6 x 15.2 inches and documents with a maximum size of 21.6 x 35.5 inches. This includes simple, thick, preprinted forms, paper recycled cardboard and moving in a basis weight of between a minimum of 60 grams and a maximum of 220 grams. Moreover, in the field of management have a standard paper tray 150 sheets and document feeder 40 sheets. As for the ability to output paper tray supports up to 50 sheets.

Undoubtedly, one of the keys with which wanted to present this printer Samsung is its versatility (both functions and their connectivity). On the one hand, we have the copy function that allows us to reach speeds up to 18 copies per minute in black and white and four copies per minute in color. The speed with which the first copy is made is 14 seconds since we started work if a copy in monochrome and less than 36 seconds in the case of color copies. As usual, we can change the zoom copy in a range between 25% of the original size and a 400%.

The scanner function of the Samsung Xpress C460FW enables scanning documents both the computer as a USB memory or company dedicated app for smartphones and tablets, with a maximum optical resolution of 600 x 600 dpi. Finally, the fax function of this model has a standard speed of 33.6 Kbps and a resolution of 300 x 300 dpi in the case of documents in black and white. Meanwhile, the resolution drops to 200 x 200 dpi for color documents).

The design of the Samsung Xpress C460FW has modern lines including both white and black, a combination that several manufacturers use to add appeal to their equipment such as printers Brother. In the case of model Samsung, white color cup the bottom of the model. On the front we find the company logo with a touch of color. The top of the device is dominated by a black stripe where the control buttons are located and the LCD screen, and ending with the unit for scanning and copying documents.

The dimensions of the Samsung Xpress C460FW are 40.6 x 36.2, 33.3 inches and a weight of 14 kilos. As we said a moment ago, the two-line LCD screen is located within a protruding bar on the strip black printer while the buttons to control all functions of the printer are placed around the screen, plus a full score for using the fax option. The dimensions of this model make it a very compact it will fit anywhere in your office or home.

The most attractive model Samsung Xpress C460FW is its connectivity options. Samsung is one of the most successful companies are bringing home the new technologies that are baked in the market, and this will also note in C460FW Xpress. For example, it has incorporated the technology NFC so we can print directly from a smartphone or a tablet with this function with only lower the dedicated app and then touch the printer. We also really liked the ability to scan a document and send it directly to the mobile. There is even the option to send documents directly through the mobile fax, which still largely untapped in the field of interaction of the printer and mobile.

In line with this complete mobile deployment, the company has committed to ensuring that we can connect the printer to the network either through a wired Ethernet connection or through WiFi. For supported routers, we can also draw on the connection WPS to configure the device with the touch of a button on the router. Furthermore, this model supports Google Cloud Print for remote printing. The connections are completed with a USB 2.0 port to an external hard drive or USB memory is plugged and actions such as printing documents are made directly from memory without going through the PC or save documents scanned into the hard disk.

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