Chromecast, tested Google key to see YouTube on TV

If you do not yet have a Smart TV, Google has the solution. The Internet Company has launched a simple accessory that connects via port HDMI TV that allows you to convert your television into a smart platform. Chromecast can transfer live video platform YouTube or web page you have open in your browser Chrome. In addition, users who regularly use the platform Google for rental and purchase music and movies can also be enjoyed on your TV.

Undoubtedly, one of the big keys to this tool is the ease with which we can install it on the TV and start watching content from your smartphone, tablet or computer. The first thing to do is connect this key to one of the HDMI ports on the TV. The current of the device is taking two forms. Or connect the other end to a computer with a port USB as a computer or the TV itself (in the case that has a USB slot) or use the included charger and connect to power.

The first step to configure this tool is to download the dedicated app from a smartphone or tablet Android or from an iPhone or an iPad. Once downloaded, the detected Chromecast and allows us to enter the details of the WiFi connection you use at home. Through this connection is where we can transfer the contents to the TV, so we always have to take into account the limitations of the network when viewing videos or heavier contents. Once configured, I just have to use a compatible application such as YouTube or Google Play Music. For now, the set of compatible apps is pretty limited, but it appears that this set will be expanded in the coming months.

Few doubt that the most interesting and useful application that exists today for the Smart TV is YouTube. The ability to watch YouTube videos directly from the comfort of home is a great attraction, and is the main function of Chromecast. Using this ability is quite simple, since the mobile app YouTube automatically detects connected we Chromecast network access from home and shows an icon of a TV screen in the upper right of each video options. Just press the button and in seconds we can see that content directly on TV. The control of reproduction is made from the same smartphone and tablet, which is very comfortable. We must take into consideration that Chromecast is able to play videos in Full HD 1080p.

Chromecast                        2

In addition to this tool, one of the apps we have is with Google Play Music. In this case, it’s a service to buy songs from the U.S. Company itself. Of all the apps compatible with Chromecast, this is probably the least useful of all, since music playback on the TV is not as attractive (unless you count a powerful audio system). What I find most useful is the ability to use the platform of online movies Google Play Movies. Of course, in both cases we have to pay an amount of money for all content that we see on TV.

The latest inclusion in the list of mobile apps that have compatibility with integrated Chromecast is Rdio. This tool allows us to access a wide radio and music collections together. As in the previous cases, after a few days of testing we have to go to pay a monthly fee to continue to enjoy this tool. In addition to the official list we can see on the website Chromecast, there are also other mobile applications that are compatible with this tool. This app lets you transfer media files directly from your mobile or tablet, and can even take the files you have stored on Dropbox (although in this case it is required to purchase the full version of the application).

It has also seemed interesting as another application PlayTo, which facilitates us to transmit content through online services. For a more ordered list of applications and games that can be used with this key, a good option is to install the small app store “Cast Store for Chromecast”. Here much of the grouped apps available for this service, although it should be noted that no distinction is made between languages.

Now, in addition to these applications is also possible to use Chromecast through browser Chrome on a PC (this feature does not work on mobile devices). The user must install the snap Chromecast shop in Chrome and then a similar mobile apps at the top right of the screen icon appears. The function can perform is to transmit the live content of the tabs you have open. One advantage that incorporates this tool is that once that we pass this tab can still use other browser tabs without leave of the TV show content that had commanded.


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