Choosing a laptop in 2014

The sale of laptops in the first quarter of 2013 recorded a rise of 15%, after several years of declines. Without this data is to be considered significant of what will happen the rest of the year, yes, it could indicate that the market has adjusted, after the appearance of the tablets, and the number of computers gradually renewed. Despite the role that devices like the iPad and the like, many users still need at least a laptop for productivity tasks involving multimedia (video and photo editing) and writing and editing. We also supply, far from diminishing, has increased with new technological proposals. This paper proposes a protocol to clarify the portable model that can be chosen according to the preferences you have.

Weight and dimensions

Although it’s more prosaic and less technological side, the dimensions and weight of the laptop are perhaps the first factor to consider. On the one hand, and I choose to deny the possibility of a desktop computer and go for a moving object, at least indoors. Therefore, in principle one could think that the smaller and lighter the better.

However, it is common for reducing the size and weight go against other benefits, so that the lighter and portable models are considered the lower power processor, which lack a large hard drive and not include unit reading optical discs. There are many exceptions to this rule, but instead of raising the price of the device, since it all (a powerful and complete computer with little weight and size) involves considerable technological effort.

If we are interested only light and small computer without great power or performance, the HP Pavilion 11 n000es x360, which has a 11.6-inch screen and weighs 1.4 kilograms, can be helpful. You can also choose, if you can buy on websites in the United States for the Chromebooks that also are affordable. If you want something, you have to pay over 1,000 euros, but the offer is extensive. Strangely enough, the MacBook Air Apple is among the most affordable options, especially after the last drop costs. More expensive alternatives are called ultrabooks, most notably the Acer Aspire S7.

The processor and RAM

In this section, the offer is very wide and even customizable to achieve powerful computers at great rates. Beyond the processing power itself, it is advisable to opt for multi-core processors such as i3, i5 and i7 series, which also include the Hashwell technology, since they present energy improvements that affect the duration of battery. As for power, the ideal is that the processor can work between 1.3 and 2.5 gigahertz, but also has a RAM-consistent between four and eight gigabytes, so that processes are fluid. The graphics unit is important and often helps processing tasks when not displaying images.

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Also, when you think about processing power should not be limited to the present, but also imagine the possible needs that will have your computer in the future. This applies to updates or new features operating system you want to incorporate, as do video conferencing with several people at once or play HD content. Therefore it is always reasonable to aspire to the highest possible power. The MacBook Pro Apple has a good value for money, although you can find better deals cost and benefits equivalent PC, albeit not as finished designs and often overweight. An example is the Fujitsu Lifebook AH512.

The price

What more is paid on a laptop are the dimensions and reduced weight with considerable power and performance. In this aspect, the ultrabooks have the best deal with a variety of models and prices. Sometimes there are bargains, but generally in this area must decide to give up something. An alternative to having a good, nice and cheap computer is to opt for deals with Windows 7 that were pending sale after the gradual consolidation of Windows 8.

If you want laptop for intensive and professional use, it is better to pay for a good model that lasts for years; is, in the higher ranges, opt for the best performance of the processing unit, but also definition screen or hard drive. Also keep in mind to include peripherals such as optical disk drives and the materials from which the shell is made. If the notebook is used on an occasional basis, it is appropriate to look for the best shop to shop.

The operating system

Traditionally there have been two major operating systems on the market laptop: Mac OS X and Windows. An alternative to these is free and open system Ubuntu, but is for advanced users only. However, a new commercial offer is the system Chrome OS released by Google for Chromebooks, lightweight computers affordable price and performance variables.

Between Mac OS X and Windows, especially Windows 8, the choice is almost a philosophy of life and user experience. The graphical environment of Apple computers is peculiar minority but, once adopted, it is easy and satisfying. Also, if you have iPad or iPhone, it syncs seamlessly with them. The same happens with Android phones and tablets with respect to Chromebooks. On the other hand, choosing a computer with Windows improves the value, because the supply is much greater.


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