How to choose a new tablet with high-quality

Manufacturer studies show that 36% of Latin American consumers repented for buying low-cost tablets, contrary to 90% of shoppers said they were satisfied by choosing a tablet with more features.

When consumers decide to purchase a product has to make the best choice to not regret later, experts say Intel. Therefore, it is important to calmly investigate the advantages and disadvantages of a device, as well as cost-effective. Especially when it’s a high investment, as it is the case with the technological equipment. The tablet case is no different, so it is important to gather all the information before buying a device that does not experience a sense of regret.

In the case of tablets, the shops are full of inexpensive equipment that often does not represent the best investment in relation to the objectives of the buyer. For example, variation in the cost of a product can mean significant differences in high-performance processing power, changing the way that programs and applications work; affect the image quality, essential for people who use the devices to assist videos and films; or even have an impact on battery life. As the product is more complete offers greater autonomy for up to a full work day, and recharge faster, ideal for those who use their devices everyday conditions.

Buy a tablet analyzing the price and performance is a sure way to get to the right product. Keep in mind that sometimes the price is irresistible and easy to try to rationalize the choice, thinking that not so much the equipment will be used, but buy a device without a good processing power without some advantages, can actually become a nightmare. A tablet with Intel Inside offers a great level of performance for browsing the Internet at incredible speeds, providing an extraordinary battery life, which tracks your pace. In addition, tablets equipped with Intel technology and Windows * 8 are compatible with other professional applications, allowing seamless integration and enhanced security for the business.

However, it is very important to pay special attention to the time of purchase to select devices with Intel Inside and obtain a product with great power performance. For consumers in general, a good tablet should have high performance, responsiveness and long-lasting battery, but also explores the connectivity and mobility of the elements of an intelligent and intuitive. Intel Studies revealed that 36% of Latin American consumers repented for buying low-cost tablets, contrary to 90% of shoppers said they were satisfied by choosing tablets with a higher cost.

“Tablets with Intel Inside offer exceptional performance with long battery life and optimal experience considering how people use their devices today. “It’s an incredible leap forward”, says Rodrigo Tamellini, product marketing manager for Smartphones and Tablets Intel Latin America. “Intel’s goal is to provide a device that combines comfort, speed and connectivity, so when we talk about energy efficiency, the main advantage is the battery life of the tablet with Intel”, said the executive.

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In addition, tablets equipped with Intel technology running the Windows 8 operating system support applications, devices and drivers x86, and seamlessly integrated in most business environments. In parallel, also running the Windows 7 operating system, so users can immediately begin using the applications they already know, with little training in between and even without it.

Here are some tips that should be taken into account when choosing the best device:

Processing Power: Inside Intel devices give teams a power unmatched performance. Some of the best applications often require an abundance of processing power to run smoothly. It is also important to ensure that the tablet has a processor such as the Intel Atom, who is prepared to work with such content, especially more and more programs and games developed for high definition. So do not worry thinking about a video delay when loading and closing applications in the middle of use.

Storage Capacity: Think first tablets are devices for consuming multimedia files, videos and images require a lot of disk space. When deciding to buy a device is ideal to choose the model with more storage capacity you can.

Battery: Tablets are the perfect representation of mobile computing, but no mobility whether to seek an outlet every two hours. The battery life of the device must be at least six hours.

Size and Weight: The size and weight of the tablet cases influences as how often and how to use. If it is too big and heavy, you’ll think twice before packing it into books. If the screen is too small, it may not be ideal for anyone who wants to play or watch movies.

Security: Tablets with Intel processors bring the integrated safety functions and protect against identity theft, to ensure secure network access and safeguard the information for yourself or the company.

Tablets are indeed the great feeling in the IT market – sales continued on the rise throughout the year 2013 and will of course be one of the best sales results between devices. At the beginning of the year, it was expected that mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones have an annual growth of 34% in Latin America, according to IDC data. With options for everyone, more affordable, the tablets were very long and very rapid adoption from children to executives as well as older users. Moreover, mobility, lightness and ease of interaction make tablets a highly desired by people as a supplement to the PC device.

For consumers in general, a good tablet should have high performance, responsiveness and long battery life, but also explore the connectivity and mobility of the elements of an intelligent and intuitive. Another study revealed that the Intel 83% of people believe the brand increases the value of the device and also 48% said they prefer branded devices Intel.

The lifestyle today requires full mobility. People need technologies that accompany them all the time and anywhere. “Therefore, these devices are ideal for everyone, allowing each continue your daily routine without leaving anything out”, said the executive. “Also, in the new era of mobility, these devices are very well used to the field of business, since they are compatible with various business applications used by businesses. All this makes the company save time, costs and allow greater mobility for users”, he concludes.


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