Choose the best between Wiko Darkfull & Wiko Darkside

Wiko is the brand of affordable phone that is giving a lot to talk about in our country. They landed in August and since then they have already presented several smartphones of various ranges, but all have in common the adjusted price. The Wiko Darkfull and Wiko Darkside configured the high range of this brand to considerably less than 300 euros shows that you can have an advanced smartphone that has nothing to envy to devices which will double its price. We make a comparison of these two models.

The screen is one of the main differences between these two models, both in size and resolution. On the one hand we have the Wiko Darkside, a terminal that shows its status tablet phone a 5.7-inch IPS panel diagonally. The downside is that these dimensions are combined with HD resolution (1,280 x 720 pixels) and this makes the density down to 258 ppi. For its part Wiko Darkfull stands at the edge of a panel tablet phone five inches, but more interesting is that commitment to HD resolution (1,920 x 1,080 pixels) and therefore its density is fired at 441 ppi, almost Double your opponent in this comparison. The user must choose between size or sharpness, although it is noted that the Wiko Darkfull is not exactly small.

In the two pass design with notes, and your rear aluminum housing provides strength and elegance, a very interesting point especially for its price. The two have smoothed shapes and are quite stylized, but the Wiko Darkfull with a thinner profile (8.6 mm vs. 9.3 mm). The difference in size affects the weight Wiko Darkfull which salcanza 191 grams, while the weight 29 grams Wiko Darkfull less.

The profile photo is very tight, but there is a difference that tips the balance slightly in favor of Wiko Darkfull: your sensor has thirteen megapixel resolutions and is manufactured using OmniBSI, which improves the results in low light. For its part Wiko Darkside has a twelve megapixel sensor and comes with improved system BSI, but a point is scored by offering the beauty mode softens skin in portraits. Moreover we see that both have autofocus, LED flash, digital zoom of four increases, white balance and detector of smiles. It also allows editing of images; trim the framing or adding filter effects. How could it be otherwise, record FullHD 1080p video and have a front camera for video calls no less than five megapixels.

Paragraph multimedia is a tie since both formats offer exactly the same profile, which is also quite varied and includes most file types used today. They also have tuner FM radio, speaker with 3D sound and voice dictation. While both are powerful phones, the Wiko Darkfull positions ahead because its quad-core processor running at 1.5 gigahertz frequency, but mostly because it integrates two Gb of RAM which speeds up system processes. The Wiko Darkside chip has four cores at 1.2 gigahertz, is not much difference but it takes one Gb of RAM and yes it will be noticed to manage multiple applications at once or use more complex tools.

Speaking of memory, the internal capacity itself that is tied with a background of 16 GB, enough to store a medium amount of files, however if we start to save videos and music will fill fast. Wiko not offer the option to expand capacity in neither of the two cases, so you have to walk often wiping files not to use.

New tie in the operating system, as both come standard with Android 4.2.1 Jelly Bean, a fairly current version has features like the wizard Google Now or customizable widgets. In addition the user can enjoy the Google service package including native email client and Gmail, the video platform YouTube, Google Maps with Navigation for using the terminal as GPS and more.

Wiko bet by lithium polymer batteries, which condense more energy than conventional lithium-ion. The Wiko Darkside has a stack of 2,600 milliamps which offers great autonomy. Official data reflect a time when rest of 372 hours, while the use of going to 10.5 hours on 3G connection to 17 hours if you use 2G connection. The Wiko Darkfull is smaller and maybe that’s why your battery drops to 2,000 milliamps. duration use this part ranges from 13.6 hours (2G) and 10.4 hours (3G) , time to rest up to 175 hours .

We ended with a final draw; here are the connections that remain unchanged in the two models. Currently several systems for a smartphone is fully functional and can enjoy various functions as are necessary Internet access (WiFi and 3G 42 Mbps), the file sharing, use accessories (Bluetooth 4.0) or to serve as a navigator GPS to name a few. All of these features are covered in both cases, but in addition Wiko adds the option to insert two SIM cards and thus carry two phone lines. They also have a MicroUSB port and a headphone jack.


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