Children and Philips Smart TV: applications to choose and control content

The internet is changing the way we watch television. With the amount of current alternatives to access different content, especially video applications on demand or for my own Smart TV offering channels, you no longer need to be in front of the TV at a certain time to see a chapter in our favorite series. To us who have spent years living the traditional grill television, we can prove that this strange, but smaller house and are being raised in a world where consumption of audiovisual content is no longer dictated by the time imposed by chains. They want to see your favorite show with their favorite character, at any time and as often as they want. And best of all? There are applications, both free and pay, allowing us to meet this demand for programmers for children and youth.

Countless children’s programs at your fingertips

Not long ago I spoke here of the various VOD platforms to which can be accessed directly from any Smart TV, reviewing the advantages and strengths of each. But what if you want to focus on content for children? What are the best alternatives when it relates to children’s programs? We review the main applications, available on Smart TVs from Philips, below: CLAN: The Children’s TVE channel has its own application, you can install on your Philips Smart TV easily. With an intuitive navigation, you can access content for children to letter: ‘Caillou’, ‘The Lunnis’, ‘Peppa Pig’… It is possible to enjoy the content in its original language and when I finish an episode will start the following no need for the little ones have to mess with the remote control to continue to enjoy its cartoons.

BRB Play: Who does not remember classic series as ‘David the Gnome’, ‘Dogtanian’ or ‘Willy Fog’? If you would like your children to have the opportunity to follow the same series that you kept in your childhood, BRB Play is the best option because there are collected the contents of the popular animation production company BRB Internacional. Another two advantages? That also includes current series and also the possibility of seeing the contents in English, something that will help your children enjoy learning other languages.

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Disney Replay: Is your child has lost any of the last chapters of their favorite series on Disney Channel? No need to worry: in Disney Replay you can see it again. Their catalog is as wide as the main channel. Most kids in the house will enjoy cartoons, like ‘Dr. Toy’ or ‘Phineas & Pherb’ while other more teen-oriented content such as ‘Violetta’ or ‘Shake It Up’.

Wuaki.TV: Wuaki already appeared in our selection of VOD services, but we return to it here because it has numerous contents in their catalog for children of all ages. Selection Within your plan (which costs 6.99 euros per month), including many popular children’s films among which are many of the great successes of Disney. Who does not remember ‘The Aristocats’ or ‘Dumbo’? There are also other more modern animation tapes but no less endearing, ‘Wall-E’ and ‘The Incredibles’ and ‘Monsters, Inc.’. If we add to this the large number of series (‘Pocoyo’ and ‘Peppa Pig’ among them), your kids will be more than entertained with Wuaki.TV.

Magine and Canal Panda

Still want more content? Another interesting option may be Magine, a free application that gives you access to additional payment channels directly from your Philips TV. Among the chains that include is Cosmo, Cooking Channel, Canal Hollywood, of Casa, Odyssey, Travel, National Geographic, Nat Geo Wild, Sun Music, History and… Canal Panda.

In the latter, your children will enjoy the final chapters of hits like ‘Astro Boy’, ‘Gormiti’ and ‘Caillou’, while enjoying popular as ‘The Care Bears’ traditional animation series, ‘Captain Tsubasa’ or ‘Maya the Bee’. As if this were not enough, it is expected that Magine increase its channel offerings in the coming months.

CLAN TV and Red Button

You may have heard of HbbTV and hybrid DTT, a technology that allows the user to interact with the contents offered by brands in their emissions. For example, you can find more information on some programs that use it, see the latest news and participate or vote directly from your remote control. In TVE they have implemented this possibility through their “Red Button”.

The Red Button in CLAN TV will take you to a screen with all the contents that this chain offers on demand. The interface itself is simple and easy to use, so that the little kids can handle it without problems. Each color of command button itself has a different functionality, which helps a lot in navigation.

And much more… 

Check out the apps and games featuring your Philips Smart TV because the offer is very wide, including some games designed for little ones. Also it is attentive to the news, because throughout the year the supply will grow. Do not miss it!

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