How to buy game consoles of desktops and laptops

The consoles enjoy much popularity, becoming one of the main references of audiovisual consumption, so much so that has already passed to other industries. Moreover, in recent years, consumption has expanded to all kinds of people, regardless of their skill and experience. Although many of us already have desktop consoles or laptops, many others dare to buy new devices. To help you in this selection, we have prepared this buying guide to know what each platform has to offer and you will choose which suits according to your tastes and preferences.

PlayStation 3

Although it was the last to hit the market, has not left anyone indifferent. Technically it is powerful, with Xbox 360 Marketplace. Its HD games left to anyone with an open mouth and that is, if we want to enjoy the best graphics, the Sony console is a safe bet. Beyond the graphics, PlayStation 3 has a large catalog that combines exclusives like Uncharted, Gran Turismo, and Heavy Rain with multiplatform titles. In addition, PlayStation Network, allowing us to enjoy the online multiplayer for free, and able to buy some independent games and / or classic original PlayStation.

Also, if you like the Wii style controls, PlayStation Move and have a good catalog of specific games. Apart from fulfilling its duties as console, PlayStation 3 we can watch Blu-Ray, surfing the internet with its integrated browser and even connect USB devices to listen to music or watch our favorite series.

Xbox 360

After an unsuccessful experience with the original Xbox, Microsoft put the batteries to bring a console intended for most gamers: Xbox 360. Technically it shares the honor of being the most powerful on the market alongside Sony’s console. HD games and hyper-realistic quality to deliver a high quality of the most experienced public.

Its catalog of games is outstanding. In addition to the big multiplatform titles this generation has very powerful franchises like Gears of War, Halo and Forza MotorSport. Xbox Live, its online service, has marked a before and after in the world of video games. In addition to a varied catalog of downloadable games, online multiplayer (surcharge) is up to the most demanding players.

While Xbox 360 is gamer oriented groups, Microsoft does not want to forget the more casual audience. Hence develop Kinect, a revolutionary game system that allows us to play without controls, just moving our bodies in front of a camera. As for multimedia functions do not have as many as PlayStation 3, but also allows us to watch DVD movies, view photos and hours: every original Xbox games are compatible with the 360.

Nintendo Wii

Nintendo has shown that you do not need a cutting edge graphics to be popular. It is true that the Wii is not the most powerful console on the market but thanks to its simplicity allows anyone, regardless of ability, to play and enjoy as much or more as those with more experience.

Its portfolio consists primarily of games titles ideal for playing multiplayer with friends and family. Namely: Wii Sports, Mario Party, New Super Mario Bros … But looks can be deceiving and although at first glance seem all very simple games, it also has some real gems like Super Mario Galaxy, The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword or Super Smash Bros Brawl. Your online service allows you to download classic old consoles and allows us to play online with our friends based on friends’ code system.

If the WiiMote we know little, we can expand their use through WiiMote Plus and increase their use. If instead we like to exercise and control our weight in a playful way, we have Wii Fit, with almost infinite number of accessories for the Wii. The Wii is definitely the best choice if you want a simple console that can play the entire house.

Nintendo DS

Let’s talk about the handheld. Nintendo DS tried to recover with the concept of the double screen and introduced years ago with the Game & Watch. Its particular bet also included the introduction of a touch interface on the bottom screen that we could draw from all kinds of actions. Technically it is not very powerful, but today it is amazing.

Its catalog of games is really extensive. From simple games for all ages, such as Brain Training, 42 games or Tetris, authentic masterpieces as the Professor Layton franchise. It also includes features for online play with friends either in person or via the Internet. The life of the Nintendo DS has been quite long and has undergone many transformations. If you want a small console, Nintendo DS Lite is the best choice. If instead we want a larger model with more features and DSi Lite is ideal. If you also want all that and a huge screen: Nintendo DSi XL.


Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo 3DS

While Nintendo DS is giving the tail, the Japanese company continues its commitment to Nintendo 3DS. It is a more powerful successor, which represents a quantum leap, very important. The original DS was always criticized for its graphics, even though there are really looking games. Nintendo wanted to kill that image and bring us a system capable of running retailers and technically more elaborate games. Moment is to see the real potential but the catalogs on the market do not disappoint. But its main attraction is the 3D. At any time you can activate this mode to view 3D without glasses the upper display. Furthermore, we can scale the degree of intensity according to our taste. Enabling this option helps to increase the depth of field of the image.

Currently the catalog of games is quite small, but it has exceptional titles: The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time, Super Mario Land 3D, Super Street Fighter IV … and those yet to come as Mario Kart 7. It has also improved the online experience and also to buy games, we can play with friends much more easily. As for extra features, Nintendo 3DS has very interesting features: for example we can take pictures in 3D with the rear camera, or users know if we are near our resting console with Wi-Fi enabled. The accessories are coming such as one second stick that will come with the next installment of Monster Hunter.


Today, with the Nintendo 3DS in the market, Sony’s handheld can boast of being the most powerful pocket console. Although already six years behind, graphics continue to impress by showing that the developers have managed to squeeze the most of the bowels of the PSP. Taking advantage of having a few years on the market Sony has launched a new model PSP 1000, very basic at prices to suit all budgets.

Its catalog, gamer oriented groups, has many quality titles: Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker, Dissidia Final Fantasy, Burnout … Originally had roles to play online with our friends, but eventually were expanding and integrating with PlayStation Network, from where you can buy games. As in PlayStation 3: Online multiplayer is free.

In addition to games very well knows how to use their media to listen to music or watch movies and series capacity: ideal for travel on public transport companion. If you also want to expand their capabilities, we have the camera that apart from taking pictures, we can enjoy based on augmented reality as Invizimals or Eye Pet games.

PS Vita

While the PSP is living its last days of glory, this new portable console from Sony promises to revolutionize the market of portable: games with a comparable quality to the PlayStation 3, touchscreen, a touch pad back to introduce new forms of game and an online renovated to play with our friends where we go through 3G connection.

In addition to plenty of power, PS Vita comes with a good catalog of games: from franchises already known as Uncharted, FIFA or Formula 1 to new titles such as little deviants of Reality fighters that will show us that it is capable of the Sony notebook. In addition, many other come in a very distant future. Many developers are excited about this new console.

Nintendo Wii U

In 2012 Nintendo launches its new home console. An evolution of the Wii that brings many new features: HD graphics, a new online community and most importantly, a touch screen control that shows a different picture from what we see on the TV screen. It is ideal to play with more friends.

Today the catalog of the Wii U is quite complete and there are titles for both the general public as Nintendo Land and New Super Mario Bros U addition to those for the gamer crowd: Darksiders II, Assassin’s Creed III and ZombiU. The perfect console to play with more friends though their catalog will grow as the months pass.


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