How do I burn MP3 files into a CD with Windows Media Player

Now a day it is very easy to burn MP3 files or any music files with Windows Media Players. I was used to with NERO and other application but believe me Windows Media Player has everything to burn your CD’s and in future i will use this application. Because its very easy and any naive user can do this easily.

Now lets see step by step how its do these:

Steps 1:

Select Windows Media Player from Start menu :




Steps 2:

Then select ‘Burn’ tab and insert a blank CD





From right corner of below arrow button, you can select the burn option. If you want to burn all of your MP3 files or any audio files from your computer or laptop, then select ‘Data CD or DVD‘ and if you want to create an ‘Audio CD’ then select ‘Audio CD





Now drag and drop all of your MP3 files or any audio files in to the Drag Items here area. After that click on the ‘Start burn‘ button. It will automatically start to burn if file size are perfectly matched with the blank CD. After successfully burn, CD-ROM will automatically push the burned CD.




Finally enjoy the songs. Please note, my Windows Media Player version is 12.0.7 and OS Windows 7

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