Brother TD-2130N, a Printer of Professional Label with a very high print speed and versatility

Many times, the utility of a label printer may go unnoticed. These small devices can make a dramatic improvement in productivity of the company when faced with tasks such as printing envelopes or address label for various products that have to be stored. The Brother TD-2130N is a professional label printer Japanese company with a remarkable performance with speeds reaching up to 152.4 millimeters per second when we have it connected to the power adapter.

This device can be connected via USB cable to the computer port or through an Ethernet network (can optionally include the WiFi functionality). Some advanced features of this equipment include direct printing from databases or print barcodes in 1D or 2D. These features make it highly oriented use accessory outlets. The Brother TD-2130N is already available in the market for a price of 550 euros.

One of the keys on the printer Brother TD-2130N is its speed. This device is capable of print speeds of up to 152.4 mm when we connected the printer via the adapter. Users who need greater mobility may choose to include a laptop battery to enable printing away from an outlet, but in this case the maximum speed drops to 76.2 millimeters per second.

The printer of Japanese company uses thermal printing in monochrome, with a maximum resolution of 300 x 300 pixels. Supports thermal paper rolls with a maximum width of 6.3 inches. Through Brother TD-2130N can print both labels, such as tickets and even 1D barcodes and 2D. One of the interesting options is the ability to print directly from databases like SQL, Access or Excel.

In the field of design, it has sought to maintain a compact shape for easy installation of the printer in the office and we can carry it without much trouble. Unlike in the case of the printer Brother QL-170W which had more modern forms, the Brother TD-2130N commitment forms a very sober in a rectangular format. Just in the rear of the computer slightly breaks the uniformity with a slight drop at the top. We also have a dark strip of glass surrounding the model and that brings a touch of elegance. In this element we have the logo of Brother in white.

The control buttons for this printer are in the front top of the unit. Specifically, we have three buttons on and off the computer, a button with flag of the state of the printer (and a small LED light to see the state) and a button for printing. The full dimensions of the model or Brother TD-2130N are in the 11 x 21.5 x 17.2 inches and its weight is placed on the 1.43 kilos. These figures make it a managable computer even if you want to take on travel and travel. Of course the best thing here is to have the extra battery, since the adapter this printer has a fairly substantial size and weight.

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Definitely a crucial point in such printers is the fact of having software to par. In the case of Brother TD-2130N uses the solution P-touch Editor 5.0. This program is available both for Windows and for the platform Mac and uses a fairly classic interface is useful for users who are accustomed to traditional programs. To facilitate the use of this program, we have two distinct interfaces. On one hand, we can choose a way “Express” designed for users who do not want a lot of complications when designing its labels or tickets.

For more advanced users, there is a way “Professional” with which you can access a more complete view with the different options to customize the labels. There is also a third mode called “Snap” which allows us to interact with the computer window and perform direct screen captured or directly print a line of text. In some people experience, after getting used to the simple interface of this program is most likely a switch to the advanced view, and proposes a more complete control of all device options.

Within this view, we found very useful right lateral points of options such as creating a bar code, inserting a table or bar calendar.

In the field of connections, Brother TD-2130N can be connected to a computer via a USB cable or you can connect to the network via an Ethernet cable. We also have a port MicroUSB and with an inlet for connection to the telephone network. However, one of the most important attractions of this device lies in its flexibility. Users can integrate an optional module with free WiFi and Bluetooth, a rather attractive to use mobile devices and to carry the device option. This mobility is reinforced by the possibility of integrating a lithium battery, which is inserted into the bottom of the computer.

Another possibility is an extension LCD touch panel that is inserted into the top and allows us to control the label printer without having to use a computer or other external device.


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