The Bose SoundTrue is intended to provide a clear and natural sound

The American brand has applied all its knowledge and good work for this new family of headphones. The Bose SoundTrue is aimed at consumers who want to hear music, but also take calls. These new products are specially developed to work with products from Apple, and will be the owners of the iPhone, the iPad and the iPod, who will get more for them. And these headphones headset lead a remote control with a microphone embedded in the cord. Anyway, the manufacturer stresses that can work with many of today’s smartphones sales in the market.

The family of Bose SoundTrue consists of two models: the Bose Around-Ear SoundTrue and Bose On-Ear SoundTrue (circumaural). All are lightweight, comfortable, durable and modern look. Both weigh the same, but the Around-Ear has a slightly larger pads. Apart from the black and white, the distinctive colors of the range is the mint green, and go alone or combined with others such as black or purple. A protective case comes with each product, with a design to match the version chosen.

The Audi engineers have carefully selected the materials when making these headphones; they are made to last and endure longer listening sessions throughout the day. The cable can be disconnected from the right shell for storage. And the headphones themselves are affordable to fit in any bag, purse or backpack.

All design details of the Bose SoundTrue oozes coolness from every pore. Help selecting colors, but also its modern street look. All are headband headphones, and are created for all are comfortable. The headband is adjustable and padded in the upper band, which is resting on its head. The pads are covered with soft touch material and carry inside with memory foam to conform to your ears. No matter how long they are listening sessions, because they are comfortable and over light. All models in the family only weigh 140 grams.

There are two models in the family: Around-Ear and the On-Ear. The SoundTrue Around-Ear have a configuration circum headphone that surrounds the contour of your ear. With the same weight, they are larger than their peers of catalogue on the other hand, the SoundTrue On-Ear are preauricular type, and are semi-open. Both are available in four colors; three of them common: the white, black and green mint. However, the Around-Ear also found in a combination of black and mint green, while the On-Ear come in purple with green mint.

The engineers of the Bose have also created some easy to carry headphones, because they are affordable, so they occupy minimum space and also stay safe. The shells can be rotated to place them flat, but can only rotate in one direction and should not force them. At the end fit inside the small protective cover is supplied with rack inside the package.

Bose SoundTrue1

These headphones work with a wide range of frequencies, from the deepest bass to the highest notes of the singers. Not only can faithfully reproduce the instruments, but also the voices. And they are meant to music and calls. The U.S. manufacturer has incorporated its proven TriPort acoustic technology of these headphones. It is a structure specially designed to achieve a balanced and rich audio performance. Lets build small, lightweight headphones, but with a good performance in the low frequencies.

These headphones from Bose technologies do not incorporate active noise cancellation. However, they provide some insulation against external noise derivative design; a little model SoundTrue Around-Ear, because it has a slightly larger pads that follow the contours of the ears. There is a 2.5 mm connector between the shell and the right cable at the other end is terminated with a minijack stereo connector (3.5 mm), which is the most popular in today’s Smartphones. It is common in all types of portable audio readers, tablets and laptops. The cable length is 167.6 inches, more than enough to carry the mobile device in your pocket.

The remote control with microphone embedded in going through the cable. That must be taken fully into account when talking, to make sure the microphone is not covered by clothing. There are three buttons: volume up, volume down and answer / end. That button, answer / end (on average) combines several functions related to phone calls, voice commands and audio and video. It is designed to work with products from Apple.

According to the manufacturer, it only fully supports the iPhone 3GS and later models, the iPad, the iPod Touch (second generation onwards, iPod Classic (120GB and 160GB), and iPod Nano (fourth generation or later).’s control buttons are compatible with the iPod shuffling (from the third generation onwards). And the audio works with all models of iPad and iPod. Besides, Bose notes that SoundTrue headphones are compatible with most current smartphones.

The basic functions of remote control include the rising and lowering the volume, answer a call, end a call, decline an incoming call and use Voice Control. Also lets you move from one to another incoming call is waiting. In addition, there are several playback features of multimedia content. You can play or pause a song or video. Skip to the next song or the next chapter, or go to the previous song or previous chapter. Move forward or go back.

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