Beware from another Internet SCAM iPhone 6 for $1 campaign

An article news posted on Yahoo 7 and other websites is now getting viral, many people are getting crazy and hooked because of this amazing deal.


If you are an Australian or Canadian citizen / PR and living in Australia or Canada and want to receive a brand new iPhone 6 (65 GB) and willing to pay $1 then you can get the special promotion. All Your Music will give away iPhone 6 for only $1, so that is almost 99% off discount from its original selling retail price.

You may be asking why offering this amazing promotion? It is because Apple’s Australian market share dropped and they want to recapture Australian users with this crazy promotion and converting Google Android users into Apple customers. They believed those who got the iPhone will spread the word to all of their friends, relatives and people they know in return.

Sounds impossible? That’s what Richard Watkinsons from Perth believed, but then he decided why not give it a shot. He filled up all information needed from this website, a couple of days later he got his brand new iPhone 6 in the mail. He said, “At first, I thought this was just another internet scam, but then I did some research and saw that All Your Music is a legitimate promotions company. I decided to risk the $1. It’s less than the cup of a coffee anyways. 3 days later, I check my mail and am delighted to see a shiny new box with an Apple logo on it.”

This kind of marketing tactic is not new. It is a common practice among big companies for example, Burger King launched a similar marketing campaign in 2003 which they gave 20,000 FREE Whoppers burger on Facebook.

The website will ask you some information such as email address, name, home address, which color you prefer for iPhone 6 unit and completing the form by paying the $1 fee through major credit cards. There is also an agreement note that you need to be 18 years old & above and willing to pay the monthly fee of $111.99 for a gold membership to AllYourMusic after the 3-days Gold membership trial period will expires.

So why they are giving away iPhone 6 models instead of other previous iPhone versions? Because iPhone 6 ranked number 1 in overall phone quality performance compared to other iPhone versions that has been released previously. iPhone 6 is the most reliable phone on the market today.


If you visit the website you will not hesitate or doubt because many people posted their comments about the said promotion. Most of them were saying it was legit and they got their iPhone after couple of days upon signing up on the website. You will be convinced easily with all of their positive comments but notice you cannot view each people profile who posted their comment on the website. Usually if it’s a Facebook plugin you can like other posts or even view their profile on Facebook.

It was strange and somehow sketchy, how the people posted their comments but you cannot view anyone of them because once you clicked the user who posted a comment it  will redirect you to the iPhone form to sign up.

Many people were complaining about this scam scheme. There are couple of forums on the internet about how people fall from this trap. Some of them blocked their credit cards because they were getting an anonymous charge after they signed up on the website. They were forced to report or change information by immediately calling their bank customer support just to revoke all access from anonymous card users.


Always ask yourself if it’s a legit offer or not, be wise because the internet world is a bit dangerous so do some research before deciding or you will end up as a victim of this scam scheme bait. Do not give your personal information easily mostly your bank information to a strangers.

If you think this article is very useful, then please share this as many as possible to safe your friend, relatives and everyone. Take care.


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