The best models of TV design for this year  

January is usually the starting gun for the best models of TVs of the year. A few months later you start seeing in stores. And this year, playing World, novelties were even ahead in some cases. Quite equal in many respects, the design makes a difference in your living room if you want this piece of technology you stand out. Well combined with other items of furniture, with harmony in its size relative to available in our lounge or an appropriate placement can make that room starts to look like the images they use brands to sell their TVs with better design. But what if the design should not be limited to something aesthetic and had a concrete and useful functionality?

Outlines design TVs

If you read on Engadget TVs and Home Engadget, you’ve found that almost any TV is perfect for those rooms and excellent venues which are reflected in the press images. Getting to that level is not available to everyone, but closer than a few years ago. If you’ve invested in a 65-inch TV, why not make it the key element that separates two rooms in style?

We can never thank all manufacturers which has led to the advent of new panels to televisions. Improvements in LED backlight technology and now the OLED allows frames to reduce them almost invisible. In addition, to be reduced the overall weight, the chances of placement is much expanded.

Hanging a TV is now more comfortable and private labels provide us a lot of work. We can also find different media and the bases are sometimes the key to understanding and get a striking design and breathtaking in the new TVs. And if we opt for the traditional, furniture, alert to opportunities to play hide or not the TV and even use it as an item separate environments. If you’ve invested a lot into a 65-inch model, why not make it what separates the kitchen from the living room visually?

Five TVs where the design is not fitting 

The design and sometimes tastes are not the same for everyone. But even in something as subjective many agree on many occasions. Here you have with which to us are the seven TVs in the design seeks not only the aesthetic purpose but also some specific aspects of care experience with television.

Sony X9000: sound design service 

Sony already has a few years leaving the TV market with a very minimalist design where the most striking is the absence of visible framework as such, but above all, an exquisite and thoughtful integration of a system of above-average sound. Already proved to be X9 2013 and repeated again this year mounted bullet 4K/UHD.

The reference model of Sony if you want a well-designed TV is the X9000 a UHD TV with diagonal 55 inches, integrated camera, Triluminos technology and MotionFlow XR 800. The speakers are highlights not only for what they bring to the design, but the improvements they promise. Made of fiberglass, its most characteristic feature-level design is the Magnetic Fluid system that allows a suspension without damping and free of distortion.

In addition, the wedge design is not a whim, looking for more space for the bass, a problem of very thin models TVs. For the pattern of the previous generation, this space has been increased by 50%. As for connections, the design of this TV features a compact port replicator for most cables and connections are hidden from view.

The base is confined at the ends, as a natural extension of the wedge-shaped design, so that the television is most free space, giving much feeling of stability. The Sony X9000b is only available for now with diagonal of 55 inches, and its price has been set at Sony 3,199 euros.


Loewe Individual Slim Frame: you personalize the design you

Choose color and finish of a TV is not very common in the market today. That decision often leads us to different ranges of interest to us… unless we’re talking about the Loewe Individual Slim Frame. This model of Loewe you can configure three diagonal screen (40, 46 and 55 inches), but more interesting is the possibility to choose the finish and color of the main body (4 options) and frames (10 options different qualities, colors and materials). If we combine the different placement options (up to 10), these Loewe Individual Slim let us up to 200 different combinations.

A prominent part of its design also has much to do with sound quality, as the bottom of the TV is used precisely for that facet. They are channels with 80 W of total power. The other specifications include a 3D FullHD LED panel with 450 cd/m2 brightness, 5000:1 contrast and 400 Hz technology.

LG EA880V, almost like a painting

The LG OLED range will not disappoint if you go for a model with super slim TV ideal for wall hanging profile. Among the models we have not chosen the curved OLED but EA880V model, which, in addition to a nonexistent frame can be configured in a pictorial form thanks to the OLED external frameworks Gallery.

These frames, and a hoot to integrate OLED TV on the wall of our living room, help with sound thanks to it under a speaker system and greatly improving the TV itself is. Beyond the appearance, it is advisable to opt for this addition because a TV with a slim profile so we will not offer a convincing sound. The Canvas Speaker consists of a 2.2 speaker channels with 100 W of power all geared to the front.

If despite this recommendation, the only TV we prefer, you should not waste its low weight and design, and the best choice remains to hang it on a wall if possible. The LG has included modes such as eGallery to turn the TV into a framework that would show some of the most famous works of the art world. And I would not have to fear much consumption to be talking about OLED technology.

The strengths in terms of image quality of this model are all related to the OLED panel, with the addition of the fourth white subpixel that puts LG, complete contrast allows more range of colors and fully fluid motion. The LG EA880V can be purchased with diagonal of 55 inches and its official price is about 6,000 euros, while it is easy to get for a little more than half in some online stores.

Philips Designline, a TV that is better on the ground

Philips, now TP-Vision, has focused for many years especially the attention (without neglecting the quality of image) with their televisions. The series DesignLine, as you can see in the pictures, is not one range either. Here that the environment will affect how you see this TV model wherein the glass joins base, support and display continuously. This model, available in sizes 46 and 55 inches, is best placed on the floor and comes with cover system to hide wires and keep them neatly arranged. As systems improve the image, this Micro Dimming LED panel includes Perfect Pixel HD and Perfect Motion Rate 1400 Hz, as well as WiFi and Miracast.

Nor could miss the Ambilight technology, which in the case of this model is three side Designline XL, adapting the color to the image being displayed on the TV. This 55-inch model will come out for about 2,500 euros.

Beovision Avant: a TV that suits you

Many of the models of televisions from Bang & Olufsen bet undoubtedly by design. But today is more difficult to differentiate a few years ago. No longer has sufficient exclusivity, quality materials… so B & O managed to give it a spin and enhance one of its strengths: the range of accessories and supports mobility for their TVs.

Right now, if you want flexibility in placement and maximum customization, the Bang & Olufsen Avant is your model. This TV includes three mounting options (table, floor and wall), all motorized lift to get from the TV and tilt slightly when placed on the table to move the panel 60 degrees when the integrated TV is on a wall.

Sound is one of the strengths of this model. The three-channel system (three acute, three middle and two subwoofers) slides under the panel when we turn on the TV. When powering off, disappears in the same way. The finish, like the rest of the TV is in anodized aluminum in silver and black. Of the features of this technic Beovision certainly you must stay with the idea that it is a model UHD.  The Beovision Avant is available only with a diagonal of 55 inches, and is priced at 7,000 euros.

Panasonic TX-55AS740E, minimalism power

If your choice is to place the TV on a table, the simplicity and minimalism of Panasonic AS740E convince you. We have not only a reduced and metallic finish, but marcso a simple, elegant base very lightly and giving the appearance of this TV.

The Panasonic AS740E is a TV with IPS panel with LED we can choose sizes of 42, 47 and 55 inches. In all cases, the sound has an output of 20 W. The control is done with the classic controller with a model that includes a touchpad or voice. The processor is a Dual Core working on various technologies to improve the quality of support 1080p 3D panel.

Samsung S9, sure you ask for it

Joining an unconventional design, different shaped support stand and a diagonal of no more and no less than 85 inches have the Samsung S9. Together with the Philips model, the TV is probably more focused on the design as a single element.

This TV is a model UHD (3,840 x 2,160 pixels), could not expect less for their diagonal or price. The panel is LED (Micro Dimming Ultimate) with 3D HyperReal Engine and 1,000 Hz. With this size, the sound was also carefully including bass boost for a total of 120 W of power. If you want it, it can only be achieved on request.

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