The Best Free Antivirus and Antispyware of 2013

Thinking about the amount of virus causing havoc on the Web is like thinking of the amount of disease-causing germs circulating in the public transport system. Most people don’t want to know about the scores of the virus to infect its system to the expected, but it is not something that only actively you can reject if you want to maintain their health. Like the common cold unknowingly proliferates through the masses, so worms, trojans and malware great infectious lot of cluttering the landscape daily software. Luckily, there are many free antivirus programs to combat the threat of imminent invasion as there are invaders themselves. If you are looking for protection but do not want to pay the money for peace of mind, you have come to the right place.

Here is our summary of the best antivirus programs that do not have money to buy free.

Ad-Aware Free Internet Security (Windows)

Lavosoft Ad-Aware is one of the spy software tools more confidence and has been a benchmark in the industry for years. The free version provides real-time virus protection from the latest malware and identity protection and emulation technology to boot. It also features a scheduler, an addition commendable given the strong dependence Lavosoft in constant updates and user concerns and less intrusive method of silent block annoying popup malware without noticeable fanfare of yesteryear. Some of the software functions and back could use a review as “phishing” mediocre and rootkit protection, but all software seals are still there and presented in a flawless manner that is attractive aerodynamic and lightweight in memory of its system. In addition, there is a glaring nag screen users to upgrade at every corner.

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware (Windows)

Much has happened since then Malwarebytes first introduced its application at the beginning of 2008. It now has a huge 200 million downloads worldwide (and counting), Malwarebytes offers quite a bit more to the price tag nonexistent. Software continues to offer some of the best virus removal and most comprehensive available, often making it one of the first sources go-to for agencies and technology support groups alike. The program uses Chameleon technology for application running on infected systems, triggering the application “mbam-chameleon” when necessary and helps install and update any crucial software functionality required drivers. After the application is directed to processes that may have blocked first run Malwarebytes before exploring other system threats. Access to knowledgeable support network and the large number of language options are also an added benefit to free software.

Malwarebytes is the only removal software release in our list, but it is only removal only, not to defeat incoming attacks or provide real-time protection as AVG or Avast. The paid version, which costs $25, opens the website in real time, more heuristic and an automatic programmer for priority and scans updates.

Microsoft Windows Defender (Windows)

Microsoft has gradually been improving over the years, and we believe it is finally worth a look. Although Microsoft Windows Defender is enabled by default, which offers real-time protection against spyware and pop-ups can also be disabled if you want Windows users to use other defensive programs instead of bundled with your PC. Software monitoring system recommends actions when required urgent attention, but interruptions are minimal, help it stay on task without having to return to an annoying dialog every five minutes.

The software still supports 64-bit platforms, virus definition updates quickly and easily navigable user interface regardless of the operating system fun. While the defender runs automatically in the background, can be programmed manually also time exploration and extraction at a time that is convenient for it or if you notice something suspicious with the system that leaves you skeptical. Note that the software also provides the same level of protection against malware as Microsoft Security Essentials, so the latter is not yet compatible with the latest operating system.

AVG Anti-Virus Free (Windows / Mobile)

There is a powerful free antivirus as some competitors, such as Avira AntiVir Personal, but spyware detection makes a convincing bonus, especially considering that most companies antivirus (Avira included) package only that functionality in their pay packages. At $ 50, the paid version offers a wider range of features, such as protection for instant messaging, email, downloads and identity theft – but opting for the premium version is a must if you’re just looking for virus protection easy to use, but effective, with a great interface to match.

The free version also gives users access to help 24 hours telephone support and a simple performance analyzer only tune-up designed to maximize speed and efficiency of the machine. A mobile version of protection software with added incentives, such as remote wipe and phone locator is also available for Android.


Avast Free Antivirus (Windows / Mac / Mobile)

This is not as fast or intuitive as its counterpart paid, Avast Antivirus Pro, but without doubt the trick with a tight budget. In addition to the usual virus protection and anti-spyware software, the software comes with a lot of customizable installation options that can be toggled, as well as a complex of self that makes programs considered suspects to one side so as not to damage your computer.

Also it looks an attractive user interface design similar to Windows 8 loaded panel and contains a complete remote assistance feature that allows you to establish a connection and then take control of the computer of a friend with an authorization code provided. Customizable options program address the crowd more tech-savvy, but the default settings will do very well for a beginner.

Panda Cloud Antivirus (Windows)

The program primarily uses cloud computing, which means remote servers carry the weight of exploration and perform various functions antivirus so your computer does not have to. The software is relatively light, does not require much in the way of resources – and run off a local cache when the network is not available. It also provides options for Web filtering along with optimized and customized scan to isolate the specific files and folders. There is not much simpler that Panda Cloud Antivirus, but simplicity sometimes has a price; the software is notorious for sticking to its system.

The program is also not the most skilled when it comes to eradicating malware on infected systems, especially for offline use. Ad-free paid version ($ 30) features multilingual tech support community firewall and automatic USB vaccination to help protect against malicious files found in portable storage devices.

Comodo Free Antivirus (Windows / Mac / Linux / Mobile)

Comodo Free Antivirus provides a solid typical line of defense against threats such as viruses and other malicious programs. It also protects against infectious sources, including email, instant messaging and gaming. Its built-detection technology, defense, prohibits anything to run than reliable software, but comes with a barrage of warning alerts that often need their attention. Other features include an Auto Sandbox, analysis based on the cloud and analysis of the behavior, a firewall well done and the Dragon browser-based service with chrome Comodo SecureDNS for greater security and privacy while browsing the Web.

Although the software can be a little paranoid, upping the ante when it comes to detecting malware of over-the-top, falls a bit short when it comes off what was considered potentially dangerous. However, Comodo has certainly increased its stake in the world of free antivirus software; take a fledgling product and fleshing out its capabilities with its latest version. Be sure to remove the mobile version of the software for Android phones, if you are looking for privacy protection, anti-theft and viruses in motion.

Emsisoft Free Emergency Kit (Windows)

It protects not infect its system first, the collection of software does a good job of cleaning machines leaked malware that are unable to install some antivirus software more robust in other places in the list. The installation kit has little work problems along with other software antivirus is designed for experts and novices alike, incorporating an automatic and a manual command line scanner attends to the most advanced users and those looking for jobs of the wave.

It is not the most extensive program when it comes to functionality and features developed (cannot even tackle rootkits), but it is a great little tool for the worst case, especially when combined with the software HiJackFree and BlitzBank provides considerably more control over its system.

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