The best Chinese mobiles of 2014

The Chinese mobile phones have revolutionized the phone market in a short time have become a top sales thanks to their amazing price compared to the big brands. Free Mobile Phones with the same or very similar characteristics, but we can buy saving us 100 € to 300 € depending on the model. With the added advantage of being free and can use them in low cost telephone companies without fees or minimum stays.

The smartphones of Andorid are the most demanded in the market, because the manufacturers of the phone have a wide selection of terminals at prices ranging from 100 to 750 euros. In addition to mobile created by large commercial firms can also find other Chinese brand with the hardware components of high quality and lower models of the most recognized manufacturers cost. This article provides a selection of the best deals Chinese phone.

Why Chinese phones are so cheap?

They are so cheap because they make billions advertising campaigns therefore saves you pay the brand, the products are like grocery store brand. Even we know that some companies sell large as overproduction of white label mobile, simply by changing the outer shell and a component, but the mobile itself is the same, but much cheaper. Another reason is that they are becoming a bestseller; increasingly more of us, we decided on cheap Chinese phones, so production costs are lower and lower prices.

Do the Chinese phones are reliable?

Today if you buy a recognized store no problem are phones that have surpassed the quality standards of the European Union. Another thing is that you buy directly from Chinese design on auction sites or similar. But if you buy it in a shop, there is no problem; the warranty is required by law to 2 years. That’s assuming they are Chinese smartphones, because as we know that many large companies also distribute the white label in many cases be buying phones of famous brands at bargain prices.

Does the cheap smartphones that marks the manufacture?

It is a big secret to keep that deal with confidentiality agreements, because if you found out that a 150 € phone is actually worth the € 600 will be run out of business. In many cases it is not the same phone, but it has been manufactured in the same factory, so use the same components have the same structure and the same workers do, so the quality is the same.

Tips to acquire a Chinese mobile

At the time of purchasing a mobile of Chinese origin through an online, national or international store, keep in mind a number of recommendations for choosing the phone is satisfactory. First, it is better to buy it in specialty stores in the local market, since by law must offer two years warranty. Where do online stores in China, please read before the system returns and warranty available.

As for the terminal, it is important to learn about the technical characteristics of connectivity used to confirm if it is compatible with 3G/4G networks deployed in our country. You also need to know the type version of Android available, in order to know if the language can be changed. Otherwise, the user must install a separate ROM in your language.

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Best phones for money on the market

1. Xiaomi Mi3. This terminal is one of the most famous Chinese phones. It has a screen five inches of IPS technology with a resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels and Gorilla Glass shockproof system, and a processor Qualcomm Snapdragon quad-core, two gigabytes of RAM and 16 gigabytes of storage, expandable via card microSD.

The video camera is 13 megapixel back with dual LED flash. In point of connectivity has a wifi, plus GPS, Bluetooth 4.0 and Wi NFC. Moreover, this phone is WCDMA, Chinese equivalent to 3G, but not compatible with the 4G available in our country. The estimated cost is between 300 and 400 euros, depending on the store.

2. Xiaomi Hongmi Red Rice. It represents one of the most popular models in China, which has gone down in price due to the arrival of new handsets from the manufacturer. It has a screen 4.7 inches with a resolution of 1,280 x 720 pixels, a processor MediaTek MTK6589T 1.5 gigahertz, a gigabyte of RAM and four gigabytes of storage, expandable via SD cards.

It has a rear camera and video, manufactured by Samsung, with eight megapixels and f2.2 aperture, and a 1.3 megapixel front. The operating system is Android 4.1.2, which fortunately is available. As for connectivity, it stands out for Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth and 3G. The estimated amount is 140 euros.

3. ThL T100s. It’s a mobile that very valued by users because of their quality and price ratio. It has a screen five inches with a resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels, plus a MTK6592 processor, two gigabytes of RAM and storage space from 16 to 32 gigabytes, depending on the model, expandable with microSD cards.

The front and rear camera is 13 megapixels, though the back incorporates flash, auto focus and an aperture of f2.0. Among other features, has capacity for two SIM cards. It offers 3G (WCDMA), GPS, WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity. Is the version of the operating system Android 4.2.2. The estimated price is 275 euros.

4. ZOPO C2 Platinum. It has a screen five inches with a resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels and FHD LTPS technology, which offers a full view angle and 440 dots per inch (dpi) screen density. The other main hardware components are completed by a Cortex-A7 core processor, a gigabyte of RAM and 16 gigabytes of storage memory expandable via microSD cards.

The rear camera and video is 13.1 megapixel and five megapixel front. In the area of connectivity, it has 3G, WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0 and GPS navigation. This mobile also has space dual SIM. Its operating system is Android 4.2. It costs about 220 euros.

5. No.1 S6. This Chinese phone has an exterior design very similar to Samsung S4. However, its hardware features, although correct, are not up to the end of the Korean manufacturer. The S6 model presents a display of five inches with a resolution of 1,280 x 720 pixels, a quad-core MTK6589 processor, a gigabyte of RAM and four gigabytes of storage space.

It has a three-megapixel front camera and a rear of 13 megapixels. In point of connectivity has 3G connection (WCDMA), Bluetooth, GPS and wifi. It comes complete with a dual SIM and operating system Android 4.2. Its price is 175 euros.

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