The best apps to share an apartment

Those who have proven experience know first hand how difficult it can be shared flats. And it is not just supposed to live with strangers, but share tasks and expenses, preferably equally. Something that is not always true of word, being most effective to perform a table with all the chores and disbursements. Or, it is taking advantage of the current technology and the smartphones, using any of these applications.


It is the ideal application for the novice in the field of shared flats. Or for those who want to leave everything in writing and well organized to avoid any problems. And is that it is possible to distribute tasks equally, know whether they have been met and by whom, as well as organize other issues such as expenses and purchases.

Simply start the application and create an account in which the house is the protagonist. From that moment there is only to be moved by its intuitive design to add tasks for the different rooms and spaces: bathrooms, common areas, kitchen, etc. It is possible to create tasks with descriptions, but also specify the time and effort spent. Something that gets evaluated all task points to know how things spread among different tenants are. Likewise, it has a section called Bookkeeping, monthly expenses for organizing the home and buying. Here you can create lists common form, dividing expenditures by users.

The good thing is that this application may be shared with other users. Tenants in the same house that receive different scores to see whether they have been made and the tasks have been evenly split. It also allows you to be in direct contact, raising plans, and even transfer tasks in exchange for paying for them. But best of all, it’s free. It is available for both Android to iPhone via Google Play and App Store.


A similar concept raises this application, although it focuses exclusively on the monetary issue. And is that it is possible to bring in both accounts of a house and find out who paid for what at all times. Just create a user account for the house and add to other users. From this point there is only one record each expenditure or purchases made ​​for the house.

These can be registered according to different categories, playing fields as entertainment, food, transportation, rent and many more. Something helps you discover more easily where the money goes. Further information can be added as an image of the receipt of purchase, a description and most importantly, the proportion in which must be paid by other tenants. This can only hope that everyone pays their share and leave a notice in the application, being able to track it all on the main screen.

A tool is also available for free via Google Play and App Store. It also has a web version to manage it all from the comfort of a computer.

A touch soon

Just practice this application is focused on cost sharing special focus on food and orders. And is that it is possible to make the calculation very simple way the party has to pay a price for each tenant. All this taking into account the VAT or the tip, in case it is needed.  Simply indicate the amount of people and these variables.

But this amazing tool and is particularly useful in expenditures away from home such as bars. And it is very easy to track orders as canes, soft drinks and other issues dividing expenses and knowing at all times the amount and accrued costs. It is an application available only for Android and can be obtained for free through Google Play.


And if all these tools are not for peaceful coexistence and entertaining, there is always the possibility of change apartment or room. To do this application proposes one of the most powerful and comprehensive alternatives when looking for accommodation, both for rent and purchase, and playing all types of housing. Just use it in the area where you want to find accommodation, or search other detailing issues and details such as whether they allow pets, the number of tenants, etc.. All are from the smartphone.

The idealistic software is available in both Android and iOS and Windows Phone. And you can download completely free through Google Play, App Store and Windows Phone Store.


Few Apps for Homebuyers 

Applications or Apps to download on smart phones and tablets are not stopped. They have taken over the world of technology and everyday there is news. The industry of buying and selling houses is no exception and there are many apps for professionals, but also for homebuyers.

More than three million properties for sale at your fingertips, you can filter according to your preferences. It is recognized for having more properties listed and more photos than any other App With it you can search every house in a community that interests you, but also in nearby areas and even know where they are doing “open house”. The information is updated frequently.

Trulia Real Estate

With this App you can find nearby houses where you are and the area where you want to buy. It is easy to use, using GPS technology, which, besides locating you tells you the homes for sale, for rent and those that have recently sold. The photo gallery has high resolution, details of the properties and information on each community. Also gives you alerts for price changes and new properties coming onto the market.

Around Me

Do you want to find theaters, restaurants, hotels, pharmacies and places of interest that are nearby the property you want to buy? This app tells you, you just have to put the address and tell you not only where these points of interest, but the distance between the property and they are. So you know how well your new home will be located, an important point to make the decision before you buy.


Its creators say it is the essential addition to any other Real Estate App that customizes the home buying experience. It allows you to take photos of the properties you visit, make notes and share them with others, including family or friends, in addition to your real estate agent.

Mortgage Calculator Pro

How much you pay the mortgage is information you need to be clear at the time of purchase. This app can be used by both industry professionals and home buyers gives you the information clear and simple way. The calculator lets you add other has to pay monthly expenses such as insurance and taxes, and home maintenance to guarantee you the full picture.


It might work odd to see this app here, considering that its popularity is ranked. But having such valuable information around the world, it can provide a well-rounded home buyer data. From a quick way will tell you the distance between the property and any point of interest, in the same city or elsewhere in the world, you will identify the most important or even the most loved people (the most popular) sites.

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