The best apps to follow the World Cup  

Times have changed, and the technology has had a more prominent role, especially in the last decade, during which electronic devices, portability, and software development for a perfect blend with the Internet, have expanded their horizons considerably, allowing us to perform anywhere, at any time all types of tasks. And right there is where Android is still a favorite around the world, mainly because of its great advantages is that many of the applications available through Google Play are entirely free or very low cost, and general course of excellent quality.

Today we are about to experience the World Cup Brazil 2014, which as always arouses the passion of the crowds, and it’s no wonder that with all these new technologies, we can enjoy this tournament with maximum comfort, from our smartphone or tablet with Android. And for that, here are some of the most prominent free to live the World CupBrazil in applications from your device.

FIFA Sports: This is the official app of FIFA, which is in Spanish, and the important thing is that we all enjoy football. It is very good mainly to follow the minute by minute of the Cup, and that includes breaking news, as well as exclusive audiovisual material, in the form of videos and photographs.

ESPN FC Soccer and World Cup: This is the official application for Android from the popular sports broadcaster ESPN, which has been updated, impeccably World Cup Brazil 2014 among other things, offers the possibility to monitor the news. get the results, analyzes and all the best of the World, as well as set up alerts to receive personalized way. You can download the app from here.

FIFA14 by EA Sports: The particularity of this application that comes on the heels of EA Sport’s renowned, legendary creator of titles like Need for Speed ​​and other. Also noteworthy is that through it we will get into the skin of the players, including all national teams, with updates and such, and as we imagine is more geared for gamers.

Final Kick: Another excellent application to enjoy the adrenaline of the criminal, as if we would be playing in the final of the football World Cup, in matches against the best teams from around the world. One of its most important characteristics is that it includes really good graphics.

Brasil Pronostica 2014: Its purpose is to allow betting on our favorite teams, as well as to predict possible winners of each of the groups and areas, both in the second round and quarterfinals, as even the World Champion. To do this, the app notifies us before the start of each game, so we can make our forecast.

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365 Scores: Among its features, this app seamlessly integrates with social networking the most popular and from there take the highlights content related to the championships and teams of interest. The tool is integrated with a system called WhatSport chat, which works similar to WhatsApp way.

Onefootball Brazil World: This is the unofficial application to FIFA, which gives us the ability to do basically the same alternative, but with the addition that also offers a smaller version, so we can receive our smartphone tablet or just the information and data we need Brazil World..

The Score: While this is well known, since it was launched in 2007 and has always provided information of leagues around the world and all news football, has now included a special section to follow Android everything happen in the World Cup Brazil 2014 minute. While this app can have a lot of information, the fact is that it lacks the ability to view videos, as if they offer other tools of its kind. To download, visit this link.

Roja Directa TV: This is undoubtedly one of the most visited by football fans, offering live streaming portals. Precisely the web has made ​​available, for quite some time, an application for Android, which allows us, among other things show the matches live and direct. To download, visit this link. 

Brazil World Cup 2014: Specially created to follow the World Cup this year, provides among other things the ability to view live matches, as well as access information, such as view data from all computers, instant news, and information on players, stadiums and other. Also includes a calendar date to find out exactly where each match is being played.

#QuienDice Mundial: This is an Android application that allows us to display on the main screen all the World Cup 2014 taking place in real time, as well as provides us with information about groups, teams, players, stages, and also allows us to see videos and update data every minute.

World Cup 2014 Quiz: Ideal for football fans. Since it is an Android application that invites us to confront a set of questions about everything related to the World Cup Brazil 2014 during the game, we guess the name of the Players and coaches of the most important teams in the tournament, and compete with the best players in the world app.

ScoreMat: It is basically a social network, mobile application which among other things allows us to make predictions about each of the World Cup matches, and precisely what makes it fun is that we can bet on the matches with marker ScoreMat official currency, which is called Ballard. The best thing is that after the World Cup can continue using it for other tournaments.

Duelo Mundialero: Similar to other applications, this tool for Android is testing us to see if you really know football, because it allows us to predict the match results, as well as predict who will be the top scorer of the tournament. To check we do from our Facebook account, and once there we can choose between four modes of play, we can create groups and invite the participation of our friends in the social network. Ultimately, you achieve more successes wins the duel.


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