Basic differences between ASP.NET and PHP

Nowadays PHP and ASP.NET are using rapidly for web applications development. Both has huge extra ordinary components and features for dynamic web site development. But there some unique difference between PHP and ASP.NET.

1) Development Cost- Both are same but ASP.NET is more on Rapid-Application-Development and PHP is more on Coding driven.

2) Third Party Hosting Price- Both are not costly but if you compare, PHP is found to be a little bit low on cost regarding Web hosting.

3) Cross Platform- Whatever server side language you use, browsers render only as HTML. But development is not cross-platform even though ASP.NET got ports for Linux available

4) Code Portability – For PHP, a code written on Linux/Apache will work on Windows or any OS/Web Server. But .NET, even though we have ports available, you will require some tweaks to make it run.

5) Cloud Feasibility- Additionally, for ASP.NET -SQL Azure is also available for database hosting.

6) Mode of source- Application developers have no benefits for either it is closed or open UPDATE: Microsoft also opened .NET framework code for reference. Note that it is just for reference. You cannot do anything except reading. A real open source must be able to download, make amendments, re-compile. You cannot make your own .NET versions.

7) Security Fixes- Both parties release fixes for bugs and security issues instantly.

8) Developer Help- Both technologies got fans worldwide. They will provide help and guidance through forums, mail lists, news groups, etc.

9) Database- Both supports most of the databases.

10) Easy to learn- PHP is easier for a beginner to learn programming .

11) Recommended for Huge systems?- PHP is recommended for small-to-medium projects and ASP.NET and JSP for medium-to-big applications.

12) Advancement- Micorosft’s team is keen to develop and integrate new features. But since PHP is promoted by community, it takes time to reach that level.

13) Security- ASP.NET, PHP servers are mostly secure. Now developers need to make sure their coding is secure.

14) Performance- Very basic old argument – ASP.NET is compiled and PHP is interpreted (line by line compilation and execution), so PHP is Faster for small programs and slower for medium-to-big programs.

15) Language – Dot NET is not a language. Dot NET is a framework that can be incorporated along with many languages whereas PHP is a HTML embedded scripting language.

16) Web server –  Dot NET runs only on windows or IIS whereas PHP runs on any Operating system and HTTP server.

17) open technology – Dot NET is not an open technology. Dot NET requires upgrading the hardware and spending money for software licenses. But PHP is an open technology. PHP is free of cost and available free on web.

18) Data Connectivity –  Dot NET can work better with MYSQL server and Dot NET uses ODBC for others, in the other hand PHP can support many databases both open sources as well as commercial.

19) Learning –  Dot NET is not that easy, whereas PHP is easily learnable and understandable.

20) Object Oriented –  Dot NET supports OOPS paradigm and OOPS concepts but whereas PHP does not implement OOPS concepts.

21) Performance –  Above all Dot Net is slow when compared to PHP.

The are more Basic Differences between ASP.NET And PHP:

PHP is an open source technology so that anyone can use it for free. ASP.NET is a Microsoft technology that is costly in price.
PHP is a raw programming language that is used for creating web applications. ASP.NET is a platform in which programming languages such as VB.NET or C# can be used to create ASP.NET applications.
PHP will work well in any kind of platform and server. ASP.NET can be used only with Internet Information Server (IIS).
PHP was launched by Rasmus Lerdorf in the year 1995. In the year 2002 ASP.NET was officially launched by Microsoft.
PHP works well with MySQL database. MySQL database is also available for free. ASP.NET mostly works with MS-SQL database, which also belongs to Microsoft and MS-SQL is not available for free.
PHP can run in Linux Operating System which is available for free. ASP.NET needs Windows Platform which is not available for free.
PHP execution is faster because PHP uses in-built memory space. ASP.NET code execution is comparatively slower because it will utilize the server space during execution.
Coding using PHP is very easy when compared to all other programming languages. Coding using ASP.NET is complicated and it requires lot of learning and effort.
PHP is compatible to work on different platforms such as Windows, UNIX and Linux. ASP.NET works with Windows platform. If ASP.NET has to be used in Linux, then ASP-Apache has to be installed in the server.
Many useful tools that can be used with PHP are available for free. Tools that can be used with ASP.NET are not available for free.
PHP syntax is similar to the syntax of C and C++ programming languages. The syntax and concepts of ASP.NET are similar to the syntax of Visual Basic.

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