Basic Concepts Needed To Surviving Your First Session In Photos

Throughout time, we have given you many tips and techniques to make better pictures. But there is something that, for many tips and techniques previously read, you can not avoid: the fears and nerves of the first photo shoots. In this article we will look at the most basic concepts of portrait photography for the time to start delve into the fascinating world of portrait come to know to defend on you.

Did you know that something as small as the angle from which you are taking a picture can completely transform the meaning of the image? How important are the spaces, the funds or the relationship with the model? Are you aware that you can do without pictures in them the face of our visitors portrayed?

The Angle Shot

We have always said that the viewpoint des which a photograph is taken is very important: we can give spectacular images simply by showing us things otherwise. The portrait is equally important: depending on the angle from which we take des photography, broadcast a message or other:

  • Take the photo from above. When we take a picture from the higher point of our model, we are looking down. This means that he or she (obviously) will be in a lower position. The chopped, therefore, we can offer images that the viewer feel than portrayed and place, this man in a position of inferiority, feeling small, be vulnerable. When taking portraits is very effective to use a chopped angle very light (just a few inches above eye level) to get beautiful results: if we tell our model to look directly at camera, get to stretch the neck (avoid, so the appearance of jowls) and you open your eyes a bit (getting a cleaner, direct gaze). Just make sure that acquires the pose / model is natural and not too orthopedic!
  • Taking photo from below. By placing the camera below the eyes of our model. With this we can get our protagonist has an air of superiority, of power, of being above us. What we must realize is that not all can be photographed well from this angle because there will be more visible imperfections: large noses, bellies, chins… I Keep this in mind!
  • Taking photo at eye level is the safest option: photo viewer establish an equal relationship with the star of the photo and avoid making too obvious some flaws.

As always: you decide what you want to convey with your photo and build your composition accordingly.

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When we talk about space do not talk about the environment in which we are going to take the shot, but the air that we will leave in our composition. There are certain elements that need air to have a reading of the picture are more enjoyable for the viewer. These elements are, above all, the look and movement.

The rule of the look is one of the most basic rules of composition. If our subject looking at something (be it in the frame or not), let air composition in our way to invite the photo viewer to follow that look and discover what it is that the protagonist is looking.

Spend more or less the same with the movement: when the sitter makes a move towards a direction should let air in that direction for more natural movement. If you do not let that empty space, you are changing the meaning of the movement: it will be a movement of “becoming” or “do” to be a movement “done”.

The empty space in images is very important and can help us to express many feelings and sensations. It is needless to cram the entire image with a photograph items to fill with meaning. An empty space strategically placed around the subject can be transmitted from freedom to loneliness, use it well!

The Fund

The background is always in the background but is an important part of a picture. A background gives depth, context or providing extra information. Generally, in portraits usually work best the more funding simple. For a very simple reason: so the background does not steal limelight from the person we are portraying. But if you think the environment you’re shooting can help you define your character, feel free to add in your image.

Eyes without a Portrait?

We know that the eyes are the windows of the soul and, therefore, are essential in a portrait. Often, when we started doing portraits, fall into the mistake of photographing the person in question so that you will always see the face: basically, is what most defines.

But this can shut us down doors creative, a person is not just your face. There are details, gestures, positions…  which may also explain how that person and, therefore, give you great photos. It is true, it depends on how it may be to finish by walk away from the portrait in its strictest definition, but it can be a very good complement to the photos of the session.


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