How to back up your Android phone

In this tutorial we show you how to make a full backup of an Android phone. The advantage of this over other tutorial that can be found on the Internet is that it requires advanced knowledge of management of Android to make the backup. Thus anyone can create a copy of all your data stored on the phone to restore so without fear of losing the stored information. It is also very useful for changing a tutorial mobile Android to another while maintaining the same data that were stored in the previous device.

Before we start with the tutorial to download the following applications:

• Application Helium on Google Play from here. The application has a free version that is more than enough to perform the backup.

• Program Helium (also called Carbon) from here. It is available for Windows, Mac and Linux. In the event that the program does not recognize the phone, you also have to download this driver depending on the brand that is mobile. This driver should be fixing any errors that may appear throughout the tutorial.

Making a backup of a mobile Android

Once downloaded these programs and you can follow the steps below:

1. First, once downloaded the application of Helium, proceed to install it on the phone (usually installed nothing downloaded from Google Play).

2. Then you have to proceed to launch the application. First a message that you must install the program appears Helium in the computer, so you click on “OK”. Then we will get another window asking us we connect the phone to your computer using a cable USB. Follow these instructions and connect the phone to your computer.

3. Once you have connected the phone to the computer, the application will ask if you have developer mode activated on our mobile. To activate must go to Settings, then click on the “About device” and then we press seven times on the option “Number of complication” that includes a series of digits below. After we get a press seven times informing us that already have permits in the mobile developer message. For us not to leave any message means that we have properly configured the phone.

4. Once we have completed the previous step (or we would have jumped because we had already set), we have to go to the option “Options Developer” in the Settings menu and must activate this feature by sliding the button up to the Right. We’ll get a warning message in which we push the button “OK”.

5. Now activate the option “USB debugging “pressing it. We’ll get a message that we must accept the debugging and check the option “Allow this computer ever since”.

Android phone

6. Once these steps, if we see the application you are asking us that we install the program Helium on the computer. For this we downloaded the program from the links attached earlier in this tutorial. Once you have finished installing on your computer, it started clicking on the bootable file.

7. When we started the program in principle the application should automatically detect and should allow us to start making backups of data you want.

8. To back up just have to click on the applications you wish to save. For example, if we want to save all SMS mobile messages must select the option for “SMS Messages” (or similar) in the Programs list. We must ensure that we have selected the tab “Backup” in the application (top left).

9. Once you have selected all the data you want to copy, you must press the button “Backup” button at the bottom right of the application. If we are using the free version of the application, select the option of “internal storage” when we ask where we want to save the backup.

There are nine steps quite extensive, but I can assure you that when you are carrying out it is very easy to follow the instructions of the tutorial. More than one user may wonder what is this app if Android comes standard with a choice of backup. The answer is that this backup does not allow save the texting SMS nor other data are forgotten. That is why it is advisable to perform a backup using this external application instead of using the standard feature of Android.

To download the backup to your computer just have to activate the option “Download from the PC” in the implementation of Helium. This way the application will show an IP that we introduce in the computer browser to access the backup so you can copy it. This is an IP only one who can access only us, so there is no risk that anyone outside can enter the data from our phone.

To restore a backup should simply start implementing Helium and select the second tab “Restore and Synchronize”. Before performing this step we will activate our mobile and configure it to access our account of Google Play, so Helium should apparate back to the list of phone applications.

The paid version is also available for Helium from this link. It costs 3.71 euros and adds some useful features to the application. In addition to removing the ads, this paid version adds the ability to upload backups to the cloud (i.e., the online storage servers such as Google Drive or Dropbox). Developers are working on a feature automatic backup every so often you come to the payment application in the coming months. This tutorial can be done perfectly using the free version of the application, so only those who simply want to back up your data can use the free version without risk of losing any of the basic features of the same.

Still, in addition to this program there are other alternatives that are likely to offer the same function but with another name for the application. Either is just as valid as long as we ensure that all our data are well kept and safe from any problematic situation that could be mobile. It is important to keep backups in a safe place (a memory USB external, for example) to minimize the maximum risk losing mobile data.


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