Astro A50 wireless gaming headset very cool

In a market dominated simply by titles like Turtle Seaside and also Triton Astro Gaming has generated the standing to be a shop purveyor connected with top quality games audio products dearest simply by aficionados and also specialized people as well nevertheless from peaceful buy simply by Cranium candies this past year.

Astro has become accommodating provide its top quality audio brand on the masses featuring a primary bundled Wi-Fi headset the particular A50 Wi-Fi headset.

Using huge around the ear canal enclosures Ethernet 5. 8 GHz Wi-Fi on the web connectivity Dolby 7. 1 simulated encircles sound audio an integrated lithium ion standard rechargeable power supply along with a price tag connected with $299. 99 the particular A50 can be Astronaut innovative headset thus far nevertheless features.

Astro shipped the particular higher level connected with functionality and also high quality enthusiasts attended to anticipate without worrying about barrier connected with size retail limitations? Please read on and find out. Get more idea in this popular online ads website. Different technology related blog’s are also written article like ours.


Video gaming headphones are certainly not known for being specifically advanced when it comes to style even though it lets you do tolerate a distinctive style in addition to finesse in comparison with the majority of, the A50 isn’t any exemption. The item comes with a large cheap framework through an all matte black complete seemingly keeping the dim in addition to ominous aesthetic dearest simply by the majority of video gaming equipment makers.

The item stands apart however as a result of it is usage of cutaways swiveling ear cups in addition to material extendable posts that give you a unique appear and feel though reducing it is overall body weight in addition to providing a greater level of mobility in addition to ease and comfort.

The actual A50’s floating ear mug style permits the ear mug support to format in addition to in accordance with brains regarding just about any configuration. Despite developing a reasonably snug fencing about the ears the support is usually gentle in addition to breathable providing good circulation throughout long action times.

Astro A50 wireless gaming headset

Should anyone ever need to give the ears a rest, the ear cups can be switched 85 certifications in addition to relax the ear mug support pleasantly on your shoulder blades. On 363 gems 0. 8 lbs. the A50 is sufficient big however the body weight is usually sent out to the extent that it is definitely not specifically recognizable or perhaps fatiguing throughout employ.

The majority of the body weight is usually local throughout the ear cups that home the on board battery power, Wi-Fi radio in addition to playback regulates. Because they build the on board gadgets into your ear cups Astro ditched it is signature bank permanent magnet loudspeaker tag technique which would permits users to exchange out and about in addition to personalize the outer sections. Anyone can get this thing in this computer for sale website or read our other related article that has latest news of technology.

However the dilemma about quite a few folks’ intellects however is usually set up A50’s build quality is afflicted with because of Astor’s new proprietor Head sweet. Much to our shock the A50 may seem to use the similar good quality regarding resources found on our every buy A40 headset.

Astro features also gotten to sustain it is exceptional presentation however it’s ditched it is weightier printing resources and also other bonuses much like the cast travel case of which came common featuring a different products. Obviously, the A50 will have all vital cables and an affordable in addition to somewhat unpleasant cheap have that the majority of will probably throw right after building.


Setting up the A50 is usually especially painless. The actual headset has an tiny transmitter of which residences the encircle sound finalizing system, optical enter in addition to output an additional 3. 5 mm jack port for iPod’s or perhaps different marketing players, as well as a USB slot for electrical power in addition to COMPUTER SYSTEM connectivity.

Featuring an optical sound recording move across the beds base stop can be incorporated with just about any home entertainment radio or perhaps associated with one particular supply. Approximately four A50 headphones can be paired that has a one base stop providing simultaneous multiplicand sound recording to each and every. Linking several A50 headphones with the base stop will be as easy seeing that depressing in addition to holding the ability key about each and every that triggers a shorter partnering method.


Astro has been doing a wonderful employment regarding bringing in every one of the center features regarding it is earlier products into your A50, that is the voice in addition to action level combining function that comes with the Combination Amp in addition to Combination Amp 5. 8 Wi-Fi adapters. Actually, the user interface is usually also easier compared to the cable equivalents splitting the main regulates coming from a blunder regarding cables in addition to retaining these individuals in close reach.

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