Artificial Brain or Mind


ARTIFICIALLY BRAIN OR MIND is usually used to describe in research that develop software and hardware with cognitive abilities which similar to those of the animal or human. Brain research investigation artificial brain or mind plays three very important role in science and technology :

  1. The neuron scientist attempt to understand how the human brain works which is known as cognitive neuroscience.
  2. The artificial intelligence demonstrates a thought in the philosophy that it is possible to create a machine which has all capabilities of a human being.
  3. The machine create with strong AI from a serious long term project and its capable of general intelligent action.

The Aston University of Birmingham, England reported the first objective. The researcher is using biological cells to create microscopes to develop new treatment for diseases.

The john Searl, s Chinese arguments for the second objective .their issue was the human brain expertise can’t be simulated by machine but one reply from their arguments that the biological process inside the brain can be simulated up to any degree of accuracy. In 1950 this was made by Alan Turing in his paper Computer Machinery Intelligence. The researchers call the third generation artificial general intelligence. However implementing artificial brains and predict in 2025 which will be done. The blue brain project director Henry makram who is attempting for brain emulation made a similar predict in 2020 at the oxford Ted conference in 2009. This is total estimate of maximum processing power which needed to emulate human brain at different levels along with fastest supercomputer from TOP500 mapped by year. You can read more in our other technology related article or blog.

Human brain emulation using artificial neural networks on a high-performance computing engine is a common approach, but there are other approaches. There is alternative artificial brain implantation could be based on Holographic Neural Technology non linear phase coherence/decoherence principles. The analogy has been made to quantum processes through the core synaptic algorithm which has strong similarities to the QM wave equation. EvBrain is a form of evolutionary software that can evolve “brainlike” neural networks, such as the network immediately behind the retina.

IBM received a $4.9 million which grant from the pentagon for research that implement computer intelligent. The blue brain project which is conducted with IBM as assistant in Lausanne. The project is on the premises and that is possible to artificially link the neurons in the computer by placing thirty million synapse in their proper three dimensional positions. You can read more in our other technology related article or blog.

The Blue Brain was progressing faster than expected in was huge amount of information being exchanged by trillions dollars of brain cells. The Blue Brain and soul catcher may exceed human intellectual capacity in roughly 2015 and it is predict that we will be able to download the human brain at some time around 2050.

artificial brain

There area some positive and good reason to believe that the implementation strategy,the prediction realizing artificial brains in the near future are optimistic. Specially in brain of human brain and cognitive are not well clarified and the computation required scale is unknown. The brain consumes about 20W of power whereas supercomputers may use as much as 1MW or an order of 100,000 more. The brains critics’ simulation believes that it is simpler to create normal intelligent action directly without imitating nature. Some researcher has used the analogy that early attempts to construct flying machines modeled them after birds but we know that modern aircraft don’t look like birds. You can read more in our other technology related article or blog.


Author: Md Shaiful Islam

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