Arrived the robots that help in the house

The fantasy of a humanoid robot that looks like dinner ready and the house tidy remains an open mind, but there are already among us and are small devices that make us some simple household chores. There are machines that are responsible for keeping our garden conditions, clean the pool, aspire autonomously and sweep our home.


The first robots were reached autonomous household vacuum cleaners. It is a small device that goes around the house cleaning. Since the first model has advanced a lot and various brands have their own proposals. Among them is iRobot, a company that started making equipment for defense and now has a line of home machines that vacuum, sweep, clean the bottom of the pool and up to the roof gutters.

Notable among them is Roomba vacuum cleaner of circular shape that account with dirt sensor, detects stairs and furniture and does not get tangled with cables. In addition, they have no bag but a deposit that makes it easy to empty, and sensor auto-recharge that it directs to the base when it finishes clean or when you need more battery. One company that is marketed locally AFTECH. The 620 is the basic model and costs $ 4,999. The 650 offers the ability to program it to start cleaning and brings a virtual wall to block robot access areas ($ 5999). The 780 features a touch panel programming day and time, virtual walls and sensors. It includes microscopic filters that absorb dirt, remote control and a spare brush kit. It costs $ 8,499. They can run an average of two hours.

LG also has a cleaner called HomBot Square and, unlike its competitor, is square in shape. According to the company it is precisely this form that allows you to thoroughly clean the corners. It also has longer than conventional side brushes 1.5 cm. Clean in the dark and has multiple infrared and ultrasonic sensors to prevent rubbing on walls and furniture. Through an application, the cell can be controlled HomBot to set date, time, cycles aspirated and receive notifications on the latest cleaning.


There are specialized robots in garden maintenance. In this case the prices are not as accessible as those who clean the pools start from $ 9,700 and cutting the grass, around $ 20,000.

Among those who clean pools is the Dolphin, which works like a vacuum cleaner, brushing and vacuuming. Brushing removes and prevents the buildup of algae and bacteria. SRL Waters, one of the official importers, sells the Galaxy model, priced at $ 9,700. It follows the Supreme M3, for pools up to 10 feet long, at $ 10,499. The M4, which is the best known and sold in Argentina model performs a complete cleaning of the entire smart pool and is $ 15,999. The Supreme M5 Liberty, a wireless robot, clean pools up to 20 feet long and the price is around $ 36,000.

Also the grass is up to the robots. One is the LawnBott, intelligent automatic cutter that uses no fuel and is environmentally friendly. Already it has six sensors as they move through the garden, detect moisture, when you notice areas that do not have the moisture level of the live grass is directed to another address, in addition when it hits an object also gently you change address. It can run up to five hours on a single charge and is rainproof. You need almost no maintenance and there is no need to collect waste because spraying the grass and turn it into fertilizer. It can be purchased from $ 18,900, depending on model.

Other equipment intelligent and useful for the pools is the Aqualarm, an alarm to avoid risk for children and pets alike. This includes a processor, which analyzes changes in the intermediate region of the pool. When an object is immersed in water, outside appropriate normal or environmental effects, with a loud siren alerts. It costs $ 4500.



In the latest edition of the Consumer Electronic Show (CES), one of the most important technology events in the world, several robots that demonstrated increased use for housework were even some very particular as the Phantom 2, a drone with video cameras capable of flying autonomously for 25 minutes. It has a built-in camera that allows easy sharing of pictures that you take on social networking. We do not know when it will come to Argentina, but is supposed to start this year sold worldwide about $ 1200.
Windows can be a task for the robots. Winbot Recently, a machine that cleans and polishes launched any mirror or glass. The user only has to press it against the surface to be cleaned and activated. The team will choose the program for cleaning. First, the front surface sprayed with a soap solution, then wet the surface and removes dirt. Rear later dried and removed brightness pads.

It is a team of the company, which has a shape similar to a Russian Matryoshka and based on data it, understands and cares for the users. It is connected to the Internet and manages up to 24 small objects through sensors or controlling cookies tasks such as heating, home security, heart rate, medication and appliances. Over time mother learns of the person and sends notifications and recommendations. Since the company announced that they will begin to sell in the coming months, to $ 222, which includes the mother and four sensors. For $ 99 plus the customer can get an extra pack of four additional sensors.

Then, one day, would not pass over the broom? “The evolution of robotics in the home and the different industries and is worldwide in a maturing stage and the services it offers are becoming highly recognized by various sectors of different industries affected by this great technological change culture”, says the specialist in robotics and domestic marketing and communications coordinator for Latin America at Maytronics, maker of Dolphin, Joan Cwaik team in his scholarly article Domestic Robotics: Integration and Deployment in Latin American socio-cultural habits. According to him, the revolution of domestic robotics will be comparable to the PC revolution of the mid-1980s and the Industrial Revolution of the eighteenth century.


Some tasks performed today automated equipment in the daily chores are cleaning floors, windows and pools. Generally, these devices have sensors that will indicate your location or when to finish the task indicated by humans.

There are also systems that control other processes in the home, such as heating or management security system and even monitor the heart rate of the inhabitants of the house.


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