The apps that can not miss in your new smartphone or tablet

The Epiphany is the time of illusions, surprises and joys, along with a good opportunity to give technology. However, there is little point having the smartphone more time pointer, or tablet with more autonomy if not have applications that allow to get in touch with other people, measuring physical activity, be aware of everything that happens or shows the most of these devices. Therefore we have created a list of the tools that should not miss in these devices, playing various areas and always betting on applications free.


This list may not begin without mentioning the most widespread application messaging and used worldwide. And it is that with more than 400 million active users WhatsApp is growing and contacting more people. It is an instant messaging tool that has achieved its success by the simplicity of its operation and extra possibilities when sending pictures, videos and even the user’s location. The application WhatsApp offers one year of complimentary service, being necessary to pay 0, 89 euros to renew the subscription for another year. It is available on Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, BlackBerry and Nokia Symbian. It can be downloaded from Google Play, App Store, Windows Phone Store, or from its own website.


Definitely it is the best alternative to WhatsApp in the field of messaging. And it is the perfect choice due to its additional features and capabilities. As well, even if you have fewer users, LINE if allows you to make telephone calls via the Internet at no extra cost to the invoice. It is a good option to call friends and family abroad. It also has its characteristic stickers or large emoticons to color and excitement to all the conversations. Collections can be expanded thanks to the store within the application. It is true that consumes more battery WhatsApp and more difficult to find contacts who speak, but instead has more platforms where used, such as computers. LINE is available on Android, iOS, Windows Phone and even Windows 8. It is also completely free, no subscriptions of any kind. Simply download it from Google Play, App Store, Windows Phone Store or Windows Store.


The busiest social network could not miss in this list. It is an application that gives way to the wall of the user where to find the posts from your friends and family. All this giving opportunity to configure details of visual appearance and privacy and to make public photos of this Christmas season, videos, and other publications, etc.. It is a place to get in touch with other people and learn about their lives. The application Facebook is available on all major platforms, and can download it free from Google Play, App Store, Windows Phone Store and Windows Store.


Another current social networks that no user should miss. And is that, in addition to a creative environment where sharing moments, turns out to be an excellent tool for photo and video. With it you can post photos and videos of 15 seconds for the fans to enjoy the content. An application that has recently added private courier service called Direct Instagram for those who want to share more intimate content or having to do so through its wall. An application that is overcome in achieving many users thanks to its recent expansion in the Windows Phone platform. The good thing is that Instagram is completely free both from Google Play as from App Store and Windows Phone Store.


It is another social network of video in discord. An application that increasingly attracts more attention for their contents: videos of six seconds looped format. It is a short time but enough for humor, music, animals, and other areas which already has lots of content. Simply press the terminal screens to record, and can perform different shots in one video and achieving thereby creates all kinds of productions. All this can follow other users to learn your creations and enjoy them, now also on the web. The Vine application is already available on Google Play, App Store and Windows Phone Store form completely free.



It is a classic among applications. A tool such content aggregator. That is, an application where to find the news, features and content of interest to the user. All this through an interface or look very carefully so that it is comfortable to read from the screen of the device, and it is long articles, publications, social networking or even videos. And the strength of Flipboard is to add all the contents, including sources such as blogs and websites favorite such as social networks. So, with just a flip and slide your finger across the screen may be aware of everything in a comfortable and visually appealing. Moreover, during the last year responsible for implementation have introduced new features like creating your own magazine with the content the user wants and make them public for others. The application is completely free and available on Google Play, App Store and Windows Store.


And for those users who prefer the simplicity in finding all articles and publications that ordinarily follow have this application available. Popularized after hearing the closing of Google Reader, Feedly allows adding different sources of media, blogs and websites to keep track of them all. All of this through a minimalist design and intuitive which makes it really useful. It is a convenient way to read from the device without having to visit different websites, and with additional interesting options to save for later reading. The application is available on both Android and iOS. It can be downloaded for free on Google Play and App Store.


Applications sports are also one of the biggest bets on smartphones. Thus, it is extremely easy to have a meter exercise a rep roductor music and tracker GPS all in one. As long as you count with apps like Endomondo. This is one of the best known in this area, and is therefore surprising to function as its visuals. It is able to measure the distance, the time, the calories burned, pace, speed and other items more than a good list of sports and exercise. Whether you run, ride up the mountain, biking or even yoga. All this to create a record and the evolution of the user and may publish the results on social networks. It is an application that is available on all major platforms and can be downloaded free from Google Play, App Store and Windows Phone Store.

For the more passive users who want to change their habits is a more subtle application also. These Moves a centered tool measuring physical activity of the user throughout the entire day. With this, he/she is able to measure the steps and calories burned, in addition to recording the whole path of the user on a map, although it includes journeys by car or public transport. It is a good way to know what has been done for the day and gradually improve. The application Moves is free for Android from Google Play, but it costs 2.69 euros in App Store.

Candy Crush Saga

But not everything is functionality and tools in the smartphones and tablet. Activity is also present due to applications or games like Candy Crush Saga. The popular game has caused a furor in 2013 thanks to its addictive gameplay. Simply put three candies of the same type to make them disappear from the game board and achieve the minimum score required. Yes, there are challenges like having a limit of movement elements down to the bottom of the board, fighting chocolate and other sweets that are to the target, etc.. All this taking into account the social aspect, requiring the participation of other users to unlock levels, get lives and help or just challenge them to see who gets the highest score. A game that continues to lead the list of applications by income but you can play completely free to download from Google Play or App Store.

Angry Birds Go!

In this case it is the last title of Rovio, creators of the hit Angry Birds. It is a game that completely changes the mechanics of these angry birds to leave behind the slingshot and go to the driving. Imitating, with marked differences, classic game Mario Kart, the user intends to contest races for different types of circuits and fight other players to overcome different tests. And is that speed is not everything when it is required to collect a certain number of fruits, overcoming a trial avoiding obstacles in racing or fighting one on one with special powers. It is a game available on Android and iOS in a completely free but with a good amount of items and upgrades that can be purchased from within the application. It can be downloaded from Google Play and App Store.

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