Applications to protect your smartphone

For its price and capabilities, some smart phones are the object of desire of foreign friends, if not ourselves that we leave them forgotten in the terrace of a bar. There are several guidelines that can be followed in case of loss or theft of a smartphone, but still can not prevent the thief or the person who finds our mobile access some content or applications of it, especially when no use the screen lock feature. Still, there are several applications for iOS and Android terminals designed to protect our privacy from any interference: from systems to Geolocators selective blocking or platforms for backup. Then what are described.

There are mobile applications to protect both Android and iOS, the operating system of the iPhone, although there are many more to the first. The reason is that, being an open operating system and not controlled by the phone manufacturer, Android increases uncertainties that downloading an app from a non-official-impossible in iOS can be a breach of the functioning and mobile content. Anyway, there are common applications for both operating systems, which focus on locating the device in case of theft or facilitate control of content on a selective basis, so that security does not end up being a hindrance to usability smartphone.

Apps Lock and File Protection

AppLock is a app for OS Android which performs a selective screen lock. Usually, you can lock the screen by default smartphone, both Android and iOS, but this action has the disadvantage that each time we see the phone must insert the code, which is uncomfortable for some people, but it safer. Applications of selective blockade of screen prevent this function would complicate the usability of the phone

If you want to prevent someone else pick up, intentionally or accidentally, our mobile phone and access to certain sensitive applications (WhastApp, SMS, email, etc..), with App Lock You can choose to block these services and leave others open, so that for other applications it is not necessary to unlock the screen.

Lock My Folder Free and Folder Lock are apps for iOS and Android, respectively, to protect the image and video files we store on our phones. The goal is that if we lose this and we have activated the screen lock, at least these files are outside the scope of strangers. Both systems act as backups of images and video. IPhone version is Lock My Folder HD which costs 2.69 euros and saves photos in high definition.

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Another application like, free and available for both iPhone and Android, called KeepSafe, which derives all pictures taken with the phone to a folder that can only be accessed with a password known owner. For those who keep notes on your smartphone with Android, and want to preserve them strange looks, the application is Safe Notes.

Applications Intrusion

Given the control Apple exerts over the system operating iOS, is very difficult to download an iPhone a pernicious app through which a criminal can steal sensitive data and passwords from our mobile phone. In Android, if the user adheres to the official app stores, it is not easy. However, not all people follow this premise and in their desire for a particular application, some go to sites that have not been monitored. If you are in this group, at least, the best precaution is to procure apps to protect sensitive data phone possible intrusions from malicious applications. It is very difficult to download a pernicious application through which a criminal can steal sensitive data to an iPhone.

One of these is Nsecure Password Manager, which encrypts the data and that it accounts stored in our electronic purse or in my bank, so they are not accessible to spyware. Another interesting program for both Android and iOS, is SplashID Safe Password Manager. This password manager allows you to encrypt all we introduce the different services that we access from your smartphone. The service will be that, once activated, the keys to enter their unique knowledge. It has premium options to various additional services, such as synchronization with other devices or storage in the “cloud” of data and passwords.

Tracking applications

To every owner of an iPhone it is recommended to have the application Find My iPhone for, in case of theft or loss, to track the location via GPS device on a map. However, there are other programs as useful and interesting. So, Lockout Mobile Security out because last picture takes a position on the mobile map, before the battery runs out, and sends it to your website so that we can see. Also it is available for Android.

Dot Lock Security Protection acts similarly, but also can portray the thief and creates a locking system additional screen. In Android protruding B-Secure Tracker, which enables a website where reflected on Google Maps Mobile path and record the sounds it makes the thief, and takes pictures of its face. Also Android is Remote Security that, if stolen, can lock the device remotely, activating a burglar alarm in the phone so that the thief left-or publicly denounced make mobile call a specific number. Remote also lets remove sensitive data stored on the device.

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