Applications to edit the location of your Instagram photos

Geotags, hashtags, descriptions, any information is low when it comes to ‘position’ photos on Instagram for get to give them more scope. We talked at the time of the advantages of using the map Instagram pictures and what you needed to do to make your photos apareciesen located on the map, but what happens when the photos you want to include in the map are not geotagged. That it is what we will discuss in this article, of how to edit the location of your Instagram photos with these 2 applications, so you can always add them to your map Photos.

Geotags add geographic information in the metadata of the photos; in most cases only refer to the coordinates (longitude and latitude) of where the photo was taken. However, it often happens that the photos you take with your camera phone does not include those geotags unless you have previously configured the geotagging in the camera application on your smartphone, just as the same will happen if you upload a photo taken with a compact camera or SLR who does not have GPS. For all these cases is where you want to use are 2 applications which we are going to talk about now.

Add coordinates all your photos and include them on the map of Instagram photos.

It has not happened to you that you have uploaded a photo to Instagram from your phone’s gallery or from your PC using Bluestacks and when you wanted to add it to your map, photos, it has not left you. As well, this is because Instagram looks for the geotag information in the metadata of your photo before loading the map and if you can’t find the coordinate data, then it shows a message that says “cannot find the place” and automatically uncheck the option “Add to the map of photos”.

To prevent this from happening, we present three interesting applications for both Android and for iPhone, which lets you add the geotag coordinates of each photo manually, select the location you want directly from a map.

Mappr for Instagram Photo Map (iPhone) 

According to the description of the App Store, creators define it as the easiest way to change / edit the location of a picture before publishing it on Instagram. Among its great virtues is its ease of use and speed, has a very simple interface, and of course its price, since it’s a free application.

How is it used? Very simple;

  • Open the application and upload a picture. You can do this by selecting the option to take a photo from your camera or load a photo you already have stored in your iPhone multimedia gallery.
  • A screen with a map where you can mark the exact location you want for your photo now be charged. You can do it with a simple drag / drop or searching the location by address, city or country.
  • Finally you can choose 2 options; save the picture and open Instagram or just save it to your gallery if you do not want to publish on Instagram.

Post Position & resize image (Android)

Much like the preceding but with some extra features, it is also completely free and allows you to not only add geotags to photos that do not, but you can also edit existing ones. Among its strengths is the function of image compression, which also allows you to change the resolution of the photo.

Geotag Photos (Android and iPhone)

Although this application is also free and has the function we seek, rather it is intended for use with photos taken from a compact camera or DSLR (SLR). We recognize that it is not as versatile as the above, plus you need to sync your photos with GPS data from the application through a web platform. However it has a great advantage with respect to the first, is that you can add geotags hundreds of photos with just one click, which can save you lots of time.


Operation of the application is very simple; just you have to follow these steps:

  • Open the app, register your account in Geotag Photos and creates a route. This adds a name to the path and clock synchronizes the application with your camera. It is very important that they have the same time including up to the second.
  • Activate the route from the application, keep your phone and start taking pictures with your camera. The application will trackeando entire route you do, recording your location along with the time that is at all times.
  • When finished your photographic route, the route from the application by pressing the button “Stop”. After climbing the path to the Web application Geotag Photos by clicking on the button “Upload”.
  • Finally, connect your camera to your PC or Mac; go to the website of Geotag Photos using your username and password from step 1. Then click on the button “Run the application”, select your camera and then you can sync your photos with coordinate data of the path of your application.

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