Applications to achieve a more sustainable life

We are becoming increasingly technological and do not have to see to this negative thing, but use it in pursuit of a more sustainable life. I am one of those who, thanks to new technologies, ceased to move paper documents to go to have all the files in my cellular phone or computer (or in both, thanks to the synchronization in the “cloud” of the Internet). The secret is to find a profit in each innovative.

The applications are useful tools that can help us in the day to day at the time to change habits or deepen our knowledge about the impact that generates each thing we do. For this reason, I share a list with some remarkable applications which I found interesting in this objective.

Green Tips

It is a classic for those who start inspiring a more sustainable way of life. As its name implies, Green Tips (pays for iOS) gives you “green” tips for you to be a responsible person in the care of the planet. Some of the things that you can take: how to use the energy in your home, how to reduce your emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2), or how to save water while bathing.


Other early recommended if you are starting a greener life application. GoGreen (free, available for Android and iOS) provides daily advice on caring for the environment and ways to consume responsibly. Every time you open the application, you’ll meet a new “green” advice. Interestingly, it also allows you to measure your level of commitment to sustainability. Measurements always help to see in what ways we can improve and what still (or should) correct our habits.


The garbage is one of the environmental problems that do not distinguish between city or country. Learn how to separate the materials is a challenge that can be facilitated thanks to this application, available free for iOS and Android. Through it, you can find out what to recycle and what not (at the time in the United States). It also gives additional information about the care of the planet.


Fuel Calculator

Tell application for environmental lovers and curious. Take a photo with the camera of its cell and, according to the light of heaven and some algorithms, the application analyzes the characteristics pollutants present in the environment where these. Free for Android.

Zero Carbon

What better to know the CO2 emissions to reduce our contribution to climate change? Zero Carbon (iOS, free) will offer information on the emissions generated in your daily actions. Two important facts: will advise you how to reduce your emissions with simple and practical tips, and lets you compare your emissions with other users who are also using.

Being efficient and more economical on a trip is the purpose of this application (pay, iOS). Placing the information of your car and the way that you have to make, tells you how much the trip would cost and how much CO2 your car emit it. The choice is yours: you will have to combine efficiency, lower impact and lower cost.

Green Globe

It is an Ideal application if you check out books. As we always say, sustainability does not take vacations and your friendly habits either. Through Green Globe (free for Android and iOS) you can learn more efficient options in your destination, from ecofriendly hotels to tourist activities in contact with nature.


CamScanner is available both for IOS such as Android. It allows you to scan documents with the photo camera of the phone and instantly send a PDF by e-mail and/or upload it to the cloud.


The European Environment Agency developed this application so that every citizen can know what the noise is in the place where you are. How do you do? Through your cell phone, there are measures sounds in decibels on the site. Free for Android and iOS.


A more specific application aimed at designers and created by the sports company Nike. Through its Materials Sustainability Index, the software allows you to analyze the degree of toxicity and the level of impact of the fabrics used in each garment. According to the company, by 2015 the global apparel industry will produce 400 billion square meters of fabric (amount equivalent to the size of the state of California). Therefore, knowing the impact of the raw material is of vital importance in the textile industry. Free for iOS.

The only downside at the moment is that these applications are in English, mostly. But it can also become an opportunity to practice and / or learn the language, and even to encourage us to develop our own local versions with information, for example on how to recycle or how to use the energy after repeated cuts Light. The important thing is to think that we can change the habits also with the aid of technology.

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