Apple Introduces iOS 8: Know all the latest news

Although in recent weeks it had been rumored about the possible presence of the iPhone 6 in the WWDC14, finally Apple was called upon the next few weeks to get to know the new and expected ship company logo. Thus the company Apple dedicated the Worldwide Developers Conference Apple this year to present important developments in software among which the new OS 8.

Taking advantage of the celebration of the 25th edition of this event, the company in Cupertino wanted to impact the audience with the presentation of the iOS 8, which is without a doubt the biggest update since the launch of the App Store. The new version of the mobile operating system introduces many new features, as well as provides developers tools to create great applications. In iOS 8 enjoy an experience of more simple, intuitive and fast user.

Among the new features of iOS 8 are iCloud Photo library, allowing us to access the photos and videos in all their devices in a simpler way; Posts new features that will allow us to share voice, video and pictures by just moving a finger; plus the new health app, which will give us all the information about our health and fitness in one place. It also introduces predictive writing for the keyboard to QuickType; Share with Family, so we can share purchases, photos and calendars with all our family; and iCloud Drive, you can store files and access them from we are.

Focusing in detail on the major developments and benefits of iOS 8, we must begin the app iCloud Photos and Photo Library. Both will not allow access to all our photos and videos anytime, anywhere. Now it is much easier to find the photos you seek, you being organized in the same way in all our activated devices. For its part, the Photos app can align the horizon automatically, and intelligent editing tools allow us to quickly adjust light and color, or make fine adjustments with specific tools included. The iCloud Photo Library allows these tweaks and effects are applied automatically on all your devices.

iOS 8

The messaging application iOS 8 is one that strikes a major change, becoming the Apple response to the success of WhatsApp. With messages so we can communicate with the swipe of a finger. The function Tap to Talk allows us to share a voice, video or photos with a simple gesture. It also provides that we can add or remove contacts in group conversations, leave the conversation or disable notifications. All users can easily view all the photos and videos in a conversation without leaving the app, and share multimedia content once. Finally, we can share our current location for an hour, a day or time you want.

Changing third, we must talk about the new app Health, bringing together all the information we want from our various apps health and fitness devices, showing them in a unified, clear and updated view. Furthermore, iOS 8 facilitates developers to communicate my health and fitness together. Always with our permission, the app can use specific information from other apps to offer a more complete our health and fitness control.

Moreover, the new predictive text with keyboard QuickType Apple is now much more intelligent and personalized, while taking into account the context intelligently; for example, take account of the recipient and the app we are writing. This function fits us as we get to know our way of communicating, so we will suggest our favorite lines, so we can write long sentences with very few taps on the screen.

Another of the novelties introduced iOS 8 is the ability to Share with Family. Now it will be much easier to communicate and share our purchases, pictures and calendars between all members of our family. But it is best that everyone will be able to view and download purchases made on iTunes others, the iBooks Store and the App Store. Up to six family members can participate, each using their own Apple ID. Certainly a very attractive feature as it will allow us to enjoy applications, books or music purchased by our family for free. Also, the Family Share with the whole family keeps in contact automatically, creating a sequence of photos and a shared calendar and offers the option to locate family members and their devices.

On with another novelty presented: iCloud Drive. With it we can store, access and edit any document safely from all our devices. To make changes to a device, the latest version of the document is available in all the others, either a device iOS, a Mac, a Windows PC or via the following link. The iCloud Drive offers a whole new way of collaboration between apps, with easy access and the ability to work on the same file from multiple apps.

In the business world, iOS 8 continues to develop the new IT model designed for employee mobility, improving how it informs users about the configuration, management and restrictions on their devices. The iOS 8 offers new advances in security and management, and new productivity features, including a higher level of data protection in major integrated apps, the ability to define automatic responses out of the office, consulting availability colleagues to arrange a meeting, and the option to configure notifications strings in Mail.


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