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The World Wide Developers Conference 2014 (WWDC 2014) event, being held these days in the Moscone Center in San Francisco, was once again the setting for the official presentation of the iOS 8, the new version of Apple’s operating system for mobile devices, which is reinforced in fields that targets Apple for some time, as the important monitoring of health and physical activity. Presented the operating system update brings iOS to a higher level, and is that for the first time something much in demand becomes reality, and is that finally Apple is open to developers, which in principle allows you to see great possibilities in the near future face. As explained Craig Federighi, senior vice president of Software Engineering Apple, “This is the biggest update for iOS since the launch of the App Store”. Here we review the main features of the new iOS 8.

Interactive Notifications

The notification center improvement in the new iOS 8 presents the interactive notifications, which allow responding to a message directly from the notification without having to enter the application. That is, you never have to open the application to reply to a WhatsApp or give a “Like” on Facebook, for example. Now you can do it directly when you see the alert. Another novelty is that you can hear a voice notification bringing the phone to your ear, and automatically answer with this kind of actions associated with the notifications. Moreover, double click the home button multitasking now unfolding also show our favorite contacts. A touch on the “face” of each open all the possibilities we have communication with that contact much faster than looking for it in the agenda.

Mail in iPad receives new features

The Mail application has also received new features in iOS 8. You will find a series of gestures and new forms that allow you to perform actions such as delete, write, send information to other applications or functions much more comfortable and easy way.

Spotlight in iOS 8

Searches that much has improved in MacOS X Yosemite, also take shape in iOS 8. Now not only do we provide results of the App Store automatically when we use, but also integrates searches of Safari, and together with the results of Google We will offer the same results as can be seen in the desktop software.


Apple reinvents a new form of keyboard you called QuickType. It is a form of intelligent predictive text that not only offers us the suggestion of words that are writing but also thinking about the next thing, the most logical way, we would be thinking of writing according to the context of what we wrote in the message. Also, Apple has shown how developers can use the possibility to integrate new applications keyboards and not be limited to offering iOS default.

iOS 8


The Cupertino have worked on a messaging system that trying to catch up to other popular apps like WhatsApp, with the possibility of blocking contacts, make groups, send voice messages and even video and a new photo gallery that meets all the photos that have been exchanged in the conversation. But a new feature highlights its integration with MacOS X Yosemite, where our conversations can be synchronized automatically and can continue them, with the same functions both from the computer and from the iPhone or iPad.

Enrollment Program Device

In presenting the new iOS 8 Apple has emphasized the special features that the new OS will offer companies using “Device Enrollment Program”. In this sense, Apple also highlights the renewed efforts to create a much safer environment facing companies to better manage the information flowing between your devices.

What’s new in the SDK: more open and possibility of interaction between apps

Recall that this is the annual meeting of developers and Apple explained at length the new features in their SDK for software development platform, which has even received a new programming language Swift. The SDK for the development of iOS software 8 features over 4,000 new APIs that allow developers to go several steps further than before, to create their apps. The new version will allow them to further customize the user experience with important benefits of extensibility, such as Notification Center widgets and keyboards others; incorporate powerful frameworks like HealthKit and HomeKit; Metal, a new graphics technology that maximizes performance A7 chip, among others.


The event also presented the standard that will enable developers to combine any electrical device (automation systems for home) and has access to all systems of iOS 8 and could be control via Siri.

Healthkit and Health

Health is one of the main protagonists in the new iOS 8, so has included the implementation of health monitoring exercise and called Apple Health and a universe of related apps in centralized Healthkit. Health collects data from all wearables as bracelets or smartwatch devices to monitor the physical condition of the user. But not having a single approach to the sport, but to the overall health, as it may be connected with the hospital systems (currently only in the U.S.), and the iPhone can send alerts and health institutions receive suggestions of doctors, which can be tracked in real time constants of their patients if needed.


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