The App Store launches a section of apps for selfies or autofotos

It seems that selfies movement is here to stay. And it is that beyond a fad is a form of photography that increasingly attracts more attention and is more used. These are self-portraits or autofotos. Images that they can be used to customize social networking profiles, share with contacts, or just up the ego. Something Apple wants to take advantage and be the main reason that it has launched a new section on its application store, App Store.

This is a temporary section that lists the main applications to take selfies or autofotos. Tools focused on photography but with different objectives and characteristics, ranging from photo editing to get the ideal image, to creating collages or compositions of several autofotos. A listing appearing on the main page of App Store either through iTunes like iPhone and iPad. These are the applications available at the moment:

PICO-Everyday photo reminder

This application proposes to take a selfie daily, or any other time interval, for collections that show the evolution of the user. Either from your own photos or a video it can be edited with music and labels to achieve a more striking effect. All this can set alarms to alert you on a daily basis (or the desired interval) to take the picture, and other tools to help make the result look professional. It is completely free.


This is an amazing photography tool by the concept of combining in one image for a photo with the rear camera and another with the front, but not be simultaneously. Compositions that try to capture both the group of people or environment, such as the user takes the shot. Another free tool.


Again under the approach to get a video of the evolution of the user, this application raises set reminders and use tools to achieve orderly selfies take every day. The more photos, more curious is the end result. Here is an application fee: 1.79 euros.


This is a media application that has gained fame for its unusual features and ephemeral photographs. And it allows you to send all sorts of images, whether or not autofotos with a time of self-destruction, after which no trace of them is not. It is completely free.


In this case the application bets on the video, but with a twist. It is a messaging or video messaging tool in which the user can send a recording to a contact. This, while playing, is engraved with the front camera of your handset for your feedback, by sending these images to the initial user to know what he thinks or how he reacted to what he saw. It is an application that can be downloaded free.

App Store apps


Again the concept of taking a daily picture to create a video or in this case also, a GIF animation with all selfies repeats. All this can use reminders to not forget any day. Yes, although it is a free app features paid content therein as to share the final result.

Cam selfie

Much more dynamic is this application. Focusing on self-portraits also has extra features of the most interesting. For example, you can decorate selfies words, shapes and patterns. You can also activate the camera shutter pin to wink or smile to achieve the perfect image. It is a free application.

Front Flash

What about those selfies in the dark, in the privacy of the bed or in places without ideal points of light? This application has the answer. Simply touch the screen to activate it for maximum power and capture the image brightness of the user when there is too much light in the environment. Yes, it costs 1.79 euros.


And to remove the grain, dark circles, whitening teeth or get the perfect autofoto is this application. It is a tool to make the image and edit those small details to achieve the best possible selfie. It is something like Photoshop for this image format. It is an application with a price of 2.69 euros.


This application is a shooting game. Literal. And the user can choose all kinds of situations and representations to get a photo taken autofoto or be ridiculous, funny or unique. Simply choose the category and represent the action, the end result can share via the usual social networks. It is a free application, but it has limitations packages unless categories are acquired.

1 second everyday

In this case the application focuses on the videos, which may be focused on the user or any other matter. So the idea of capturing one second of video every day, achieving complete a film of the life of the user or that you’ve decided to watch all the time you want arises. A curious experiment in this case requires the payment of 0.89 euros.


Despite the social nature of selfies, this app goes one step further by creating a kind of social network where you can share with friends and contacts all autofotos the user is taken. All of this on a daily basis or with the range and the people you intend to. It is an application of completely free. Curiously must add that this is an application where the Canadian singer Justin Bieber is one of the investors.


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