The app to convert the Android device in a Chromecast

Since the Chromecast has been released, no doubt has become a success, but the truth is that even in some countries where this gadget still has not been officially distributed by Google, users interested in these devices reluctant to continue buying this dongle due to the high price that will put local merchants, as opposed to the mere $ 35 worth in markets where other officially distributed.

Of course, as always happens in the world of Android there are alternatives that allow us to approach the functionality offered by these new computers through a device that already have at home. And this is where the application enters the equation CheapCast, of which we just take the opportunity to get some of the functionality of Chromecast.

Surely we will have available a smartphone or tablet old who have already fallen into disuse and store it in a drawer, forgotten our home, to find a buyer for this team. Well, if so and can remove dust and out of the sale, and move to leverage their capabilities to make this smartphone or tablet forgotten in a real Chromecast phone. One of the great advantages is that CheapCast allows almost any Android device to function as a Chromecast, and give us the ability to play content on our TV using any other Android device we have used, as both teams are linked smoothly.

Of course to carry out this operation successful Android device that will become Chromecast must have an HDMI output, through which we connect to our HDTV. In addition, the two Android devices used for this purpose must be both connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

So what do we need to have our Chromecast? Basically, the process requires a smartphone or tablet old disused, even holding an old version of Android, which must have HDMI connection to connect the device to the television, which also must have this type of connector, and also other smartphone or tablet you’re currently using, so that the same function as the new command Chromecast home we have put into operation. And as mentioned, both, the old device like the present, they must be connected to our Wi-Fi network.

Steps to use CheapCast

Here we detail the steps which must be followed to operate the CheapCast offers interesting options.

Step 1: In principle, connect your Android device to use as we turned our HDTV receiver to the TV, i.e. through the HDMI port, of course with a cable with connectors of this type.

Step 2: After we download and install the application on the Android CheapCast device you have connected to the TV. You can download the app at this link.

Step 3: After installing the app, run the setup and within proceeded to where it says. “Friendly Name” dialog box that allows us to choose the name you want to give the device in question, which is displayed in many opt to choose “Chromecast”, since the function of the tool is similar to the dongle.


Step 4: It is also convenient to set the receiving device, so that every time you turn on the CheapCast application automatically runs, but of course this is a taste of each user. To configure this, we must check the box for the option “Start CheapCast on Boot”.

Step 5: We’re almost ready to enjoy our homemade Chromecast. What we do now is start CheapCast, pressing the button located in the upper right corner where it says “Start Service”.

Step 6: Now begins the time to configure the device will use the receiver as a remote control device, i.e. for sending content. We then Android smartphone or tablet to use as command and downloaded and installed via the official Google Play Chromecast application, which we will find in this link.

Step 7: After installing the tool, run and automatically scan our Chromecast available. Than in this case is the smartphone or tablet CheapCast receiver will notice that the device will be listed, and you have to press on it, then follow the instructions will allow us to communicate both teams.

From here we can begin to enjoy the content we want from our Android device through your television screen.

Some considerations

As we have seen in this article, the truth is that creating a home with Chromecast using CheapCast is extremely easy, but of course we have to consider that are not exactly the same. In principle, it is important to mention that the real Chromecast works with Android devices as PC’sa through complement to the Chrome browser, both which can be found at this link, while the CheapCast app only works on Android.

Moreover, we must also bear in mind that CheapCast a tool is still in beta version, which makes it not work on all Android devices, and also while working with services such as Youtube and Google Play Music, the truth is that is not so with other services. Furthermore, while CheapCast allows an Android device is practically become a real Chromecast, the truth is that is not as functional, and of course provides a better user experience latter.

If we are honest, the truth is that ultimately it comes down to ease of use, and in this sense Chromecast is plug-and-play, meaning that we only need to connect the TV to enjoy its advantages, while the use of a smartphone or tablet with Android to be become CheapCast receptor, requires a bit more work, and the need to use two devices with Android so it can be enjoyed.

Overall, it all depends on the needs of each user, but it is clear that while we waited buying a Chromecast, we can either use the old computer to convert our Android TV into a real multimedia center, and from there enjoy the benefits of have Internet connectivity.


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