AOC E2451Fh, a Full HD monitor with a good set of monitor specifications

The AOC E2451Fh is a sign of progress that is taking AOC market monitors. A computer professional can also find your target audience among home users, with a size of 24 inches and an excellent response time image of 2 milliseconds. This figure allows a good performance when faced with more dynamic images, such as example movies or games. On the other hand, we must also emphasize its attractive design in white, which surprised us significantly the lightness reaching the monitor (just 3.45 kilos). All are with an equally attractive price of just 190 euros, which will bring this monitor to most users. However, to achieve this cost have been reduced to the maximum number of points, as the set of connections (the righteous has ports) or absence of own speakers.

In the field of imaging, AOC has used a panel of 24 inches with a resolution of Full HD 1,920 x 1,080 pixels and 16:9 widescreen formats. This is a panel of nature TN in which the most prominent feature is its response time of just 2 milliseconds. This time will allow us to reach a very high fluidity when play games or action movies with dynamic scenes, a feature that makes it very interesting for gamers who want to have a device with a great performance and an affordable price monitor.

Furthermore, the panel E2451Fh AOC has viewing angles up to 170 degrees horizontally and 160 degrees vertically, good odds to see the screen from various positions. Another aspect to note is that it has a brightness of 250 nits, sufficient to achieve good levels of brightness. Yes, one of the points you will may like least is that the panel is not appreciated much depth in dark scenes, despite marking a static contrast ratio of 1000:1 and a dynamic contrast of 20,000,000:1.

The design of the monitor AOC E2451Fh has a modern white finish that highlights the back, through a design shaped diamonds with a slight relief that the team brings a sexy twist. One of the things that have surprised us this model is its lightness. Its just 3.45 kilos let the monitor handle very easily and place it anywhere in the home.

AOC E2451Fh

In the front we have the logo of AOC also embossed on the bottom center area, while in the lower right are four touch buttons to control the monitor settings and on / off. The first button is used to change playback of content between the source D-SUB, DVI and HDMI. The second arrow-shaped buttons on the left lets you switch between different configurations using the image as you are giving the monitor, among which are a way for games, a way of reading texts or one for Internet browsing. The third button with an arrow on the right opens the menu sound when using the audio output of the computer and can reduce or increase the volume through these arrows. Finally, the fourth button accesses a panel of more complete configuration options AOC E2451Fh.

In the field of connections, there is a port HDMI to connect this model to a laptop or computer. It also includes a port DVI-D port and D-Sub. In this case, it has been chosen to provide a basic set of connectors, so you can take missing the presence of a USB port. What I wanted to highlight AOC are several advanced modes. The AOC E2451Fh has two modes e-Saver and ECO Mode to reduce power consumption. Option is also available using a mode that splits the screen in various applications to which can be accessed via keyboard shortcuts.

In the field of consumption, the monitor AOC E2451Fh allows very competitive energy expenditure. This monitor just spends 25W in operation, a magnificent figure that will save us energy. This low figure even more if we choose one of the smart ways e-Saver or ECO mode that lower consumption according to specific needs of the type of images you’re viewing. When the computer enters standby consumption stands at 0.5 W, while consumption in the event that the monitor is turned off but connected to the network is only 0.3 W.

The price of AOC E2451Fh amounts to 190 euros. AOC offers a good three-year warranty for equipment. This device is located on the border between professional equipment and consumer equipment. As usual in this firm teams reaches a very competitive price of 190 euros that will bring you to all budgets. Some of the points likable for this monitor are on the one hand, its lightweight design (less than three and a half kilos) to facilitate the installation of equipment on any desk. On the other hand, in the field of performance we have a response time of just 2 milliseconds, which is very useful when playing with a lot of dynamic content (such as action games or applications that handle motion graphics). In short, this is a suitable for professionals and home users with a limited budget.

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